"Nicole"/Bar Muscle Up Work/Boot Camp/Bring a Buddy

Tuesday November 7, 2017

Bring a Buddy-All Sessions-All Day...No buddy needed, all are welcome.

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD "Nicole" AMRAP 20 400 m Run MRE Unbroken Pull Ups* *If you drop off the bar, Run. You may hang and pause, but once you come down...Run!

Accessory Work: Bar Muscle Up Skill/Progression Levers-Straight arms, work to get eyes over bar

Warm Up: :40 work/:10 rest Air Squats Jumping Jacks In Place Samson Lunges Spider Lunge Mountain Climbers In Place Inch Worms Plate Halos (:20 right/:20 left) Plate G2OH Kip Swings Levers/Lat Pull Downs then PVC DROM

5:00 Mercedes B&P\82 Kate R&B\83 Matt K. RX\67 Ray RX\54 Jim N. RX\52 Mel Neg PU\50 Rachel B\59 Jocelyn Row-R&P\56 Meg B\50 Tim RX\57

6:00 J'Nae Mod Jennifer RX\56 Vin RX\59 Rocky G\48 Jimmy John RX\54 Curtis Mod Tim W. RX\56 Erin S. JPU\72 Jeremy JPU\60 Tim M. RX\52

7:00 Matt G. RX\38 Jose JX\81 Tim G. RX\49

8:00 TPC RX\83

9:00 Meghan T red/36 Ace green/26 Erin G red/36 Leanne redx2/37 Jaymi Rx 50 Kristy Rx 75

10:00 Ron Rx 54 Pedro blue/42 Mark K strict/25 Malopy Rx 116 Sam black/40 Ed O Rx 82 Amy K red/44

4:00 Sinker Rx 75 Corinne accessory work Hal Rx 68 Tommy strict-blue/48 Sarah Rx 26 Ehlers Rx 55 William Rx 51 Genelle Rx 18

6:00 Victoria PR\35 Donovan Rx\70 "The" Dave May Rx\87 Faarooq GHD\58

7:00 Jeremy RX\ 52 Mike H. RX\ 98 Tim G\ 33 Matt B. R\ 73