Squat Clean Ladder/Heavy C&J/Boot Camp

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fQ_Civ8NJc&w=560&h=315]Thursday October 12, 2017

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD Clean Pyramid* 2:00 each station 10 Full Cleans 95/65/45 8 Full Cleans 135/95/65 6 Full Cleans 155/105/75 4 Full Cleans 185/135/85 3:00 2 Full Cleans 205/155/105 *You get 2:00 at each station, but you don't need to wait for 2 min to expire before moving to next load. If you finish in 1:30 you bank :30 at the next station. This continues until finished or 11:00 expires. Score will either be reps finished or completed time. While we encourage scaling on any given day, this workout is about pushng and challenging yourself. Try and stick to the 3 loads programmed. If you need to do Masters to get through a few rounds then go Masters, Guys-If ladies Rx is what works best for you follow that. IF you think you can do Rx but will hit the wall at the "6's" test yourself and give it a try. We just won't know if we don't push and possibly fail.

Oly Strength: C&J 15 min Climb to a heavy 1

Warm Up: 600 m Row-Tabata :20 hard/:10 easy untill 600 is achieved then Barbell Warm Up

RXM: Rx Mens Weights RXW: Rx Womens Weights M: Masters Weights

5:00 Kate M\21 Reps-8:05 Debra Rx W\24-5:57 MKMC Rx W\25-7:55 Meghan Rx W\24-5:58 Carolyn M\10:13 Timmy B. Rx M\24-5:50 Jim N. Rx M\28-7:50 Master P. Rx M\6:39

6:00 Jennay Rx W\5:27 Curtis Rx M\8:40 Vinsanity Rx W\7:53 Denis Rx M\9:27 Victor Rx W\28 Reps-7:01 Tim M. M\8:45

7:00 TPC Rx W\8:28 Matt G. Rx M\8:10 Pinche Tim Rx M\8:57 Sinker Rx W\7:47 Jen B. M\7:28 Erin Gr. Mod. Hang Power Clean Technique

9:00 John Mc. RX M\7:20 Coffey RX M\6:54 Jaymi RX W\24 reps 4:15 Julio RX M\25 reps Erin RX W\30 reps Leanne M\28 reps Bill M\8:54 Wonder Woman RX W\7:39 Kelley M\7:22 Brendan 95#\30 reps Meghan RX W\4:15 Andre RX M\29 reps Mark M\9:17

10:00 Metz RX W\6:09 Mrs. Reed RX W\24 reps 7:50 Mr. Reed RX W\5:48 Jesse RX M\29 reps Brian RX W\10:39 Tim W. RX W\28 reps Jack RX M\29 reps Amy M\28 reps 7:53 Malopy RX M\5:34 Lou RX M\ 3:54

4:00 Genelle RX W 24 Gary RX M 9:52 Katie RX W 24 William RX W 24 Tommy RX M 8:56 Victoria RX W 26 Murph RX M 9:29 Brigid MOD 28 Halle RX W 28

6:00 MK Collins RX W 24 Dawn PRX W 10:30

7:00 Jeremy F. RX M 4:05 Jereny S Mod 30 Mike H Mod 24