Run and OHS, Thrusters, and Front Squats/Gymnasy Stuff/Boot Camp/Happy BDay Erin L

Tuesday October 10, 2017

:-) Happy Birthday Erin L :-)

Bring a Buddy-All Day, All Sessions Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD 800 Meter Run 50 Overhead Squats 45/35-empty barbell/25 800 Meter Run 50 Thrusters 45/35-empty barbell/25 800 Meter Run 50 Front Squats 45/35-empty barbell/25

Accessory Work: Wall walks 3x3 Ring Dips 3x10

Warm Up: 3 min DUs then Walking Lunges to Back Door Broad Jumps Down Rig 15 Air Squats 10 Push Ups 20 Spider Lunges 10 In Place Inch Worms 5 Dive Bombers

5:00 Kate 15\26:26 Iron Man Mike RX\21:49 Erin 15\26:47 Carolyn RX\23:38 Jocelyn RX\24:55 Jim N. RX\22:10 Old Styke 25\30:27 Tim RX\25:12 Janea Mod Debra Mod Tenica Mod Phil RX\23:05 Lynne RX\28:46

6:00 Vin RX\22:05 Rocky 35\25:24 Tim W. 35\24:52 Rachel RX\22:11 Julia 15\25:50

7:00 J'Nae RX\20:54 TPC 35\22:48

8:00 Ray Rx\23:29

9:00 Andre (Row)45# Back Squat\20:02 Magic Milo Rx\27:44 Big Mike (Row)45\23:05 Eddie Rx\18:29 Coffey Rx\21:23 John Mc Rx\24:24 Nacho (Row)45\18:48 WonderWoman Rx\19:05 Meghan T. Rx\18:26 Jaymi Rx\17:58 Jamie (Row)25\25:something Erin G. Rx\25:55

10:00 Malopy Rx\23:21 Brian Rx\38:09 Jack Rx\21:51 Ms. February Rx\28:48

4:00 Louie rx\20:53 Ed rx\29:56 Julio rx\30:23 Halle rx\24:17 Sink rx\23:49 Marla rx\29:24 Mike rx\38:55 William rx\25:06 Genelle rx\28:27

6:00 Dawn Row 25 PX 26:53 Gary Row 45 23:48 Katie Row 35 21:30

7:00 Faarooq Row 45 27:04 Mike H MOD 24 something