Strict HSPU-Med Ball Cleans/HSPU Accessory/Happy BDay Rachel

Friday September 8, 2017

:-) Happy Birthday Rachel P :-) :-) Happy Birthday Rachel L :-)

For anyone interested in participating in "343" tomorrow due to scheduling conflicts Monday a group of us are doing it tomorrow. We will start the clock at 8:30am sharp! If you can not attend Monday and want to participate please be at the Box by 7:30am to warm up and be ready to go at 8:30.

WOD AMRAP10 4 Strict HSPU 12 Med Ball Cleans 25/20/14

HSPU Accessory Work: 12 Negative Press Lower 3-5 second descent+2 Kip HSPU 3x10 Parallette/Box Shoot Thru

Warm Up: Coaches Choice

0500 Mercedes box-20\6 Kate box-10\6+8 Debbie 2ab-20\6+9 Julia Box-14\5+7 Rachel L. box-20-vest\6+9 MKMC mod-2 Boyle 3ab-25\6+10 Mike F. box-25\7+15

0600 Katie box\8+10 Jeremy S. box-25\6+4 Rocky box-20\6+12 Ron box-20\6 Jose Jx\7 Curtis 343 Rx\39:43 Joe V. 343 37:15\135\85\55 Jennay 343 Rx 32:12

0700 Matt G. 343 48:36 TPC 343 52:11 Tim G. box-25\7+10 Jen B. box-14\7+6 Marcia mod\4+32

0900 Jaymi Box-20- 7+7 Kristay Box-20 9+4 Ed OR 2ab-25 9 Vin 2ab-25 9+6 Ace Box-25 5 Old Style Box-14 5 Ray 2ab-25 7+8

1000 Lou Rx-9+4 Matt D. 2ab-25\6+2 Murph 2ab-25\5+3 Kevin Rx\10+4 Kelley box-14\4+14 Mel T. box-20\6+2 Erin Ga. Box-20\6+4

4:00 Brigid Floor-10\7 Sinker Box\7-6 Will Box-20\8-4 Brett Box\6-8 Chris 2AM\7 Sarah Ra. Box\7-4 Mrs. Reed 2AM\6-12 Jeremy RX\6-10 Gary RX\5-1

5:00 Meaghan 343-RX\64:12 Mary 171.5\29:20

6:00 Mike H. Mod\7 Ian 343\53:03