Team Syncro WOD/Boot Camp/Happy BDay Denis/Labor Day Hours

Saturday September 2, 2017

:-) Happy Birthday Denis :-)

Boot Camp:8:15-9:15

Labor Day Hours:8am, 9am, 10am, 11am.

WOD Teams of 3 AMRAP20 Syncronized Cindy* 5 Pull ups 10 Push Ups 15 Air Squats then Right into AMRAP10 MRE Deadlift 275/195/135** then Right into AMRAP10 MRE Partner Wall Ball Tosses over Rig 20/14/10*** AMRAP5 MRE Syncro Bar Facing Burpee****

*2 work 1 rest swithch as needed. Work must be done in sync. Communicate!!! **1 person works at a time. Effort is collective team max reps. Plan and execute. ***2 work at a time. Full squat and toss over pull up bar. For max effort rotate in while ball keeps moving. ****Facing Bar but no need to jump over. Partners face each other on either side of the bar. Again, communicate for sync. Rotate as needed. Like partner wall balls, rotate in for max efficiency.

Warm Up: Group 800 m Run then Coach Led Dynamic Warm Up