Front Squats-C2B-Dubs/Clean Complex/Boot Camp/Bring a Buddy/Happy BDay Chris

Tuesday August 22, 2017 :-) Happy Birthday Chris K :-)

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm Bring a Buddy: All Day All Sessions, No Buddy needed to attend all are welcome

WOD 3 Rounds 10 Front Squats 155/115/85 20 C2B 50 DUs

Strength: 5 Rounds 4 Deadlifts+3 HPC+2 Front Squats Climb to a heavy 3, Ideally heavier than load on bar for WOD

Warm Up: 3 min DUs *Don't Just jump rope-practice DUs then 10 Good Mornings 10 Back Rack Jumping Squats 10 Back Rack Presses 10 Front Squats 10 Thrusters

5:00 Mercedes 65-R&R-S\14:33 Coffey 135-PU\11:14 Kate 45-JPU\15:25 Carolyn 75-P\14:12 Jocelyn 75-R&P\15:15 Iron Man Mike 115-S\14:00 Jim N. 115\17:18 Meghan 75-JPU-S\15:14 Lou RX\15:48

6:00 Jose 100-B-S\11:00 Tim 85-B-S\14:10 Curtis RX\11:50 Victor 105-PU-S\11:18 J'Nae Rowing Jeremy 105-JPU-S\15:00

7:00 Rachel 55-B\13:18 Julia 45-JPU-S\12:45 Vin 115\11:59

9:00 Beetle Rx\14:08 Matt G. Rx\20:35 Nacho 155-PU-s\13:37 Mark 85-PU-s\17:01 Andre 115-PU\14:43 Faarooq 135-rr-s\15:13 Bill O. 85-jpu-s\16:47 Lisa T. 45-rr-s\12:41 Ericka 85-rr-s\ Jamie 50-rr-s\12:26 Meghan 95-PU-s\22:05 Jaymi 65\10:32 Kristy 75\11:52 Meghan T. 95-rr-s\9:41 Tardy Ass Jess C. 95-purple-s\19:37

10:00 Tony 135-PU-s\15:52 Kevin 135\13:16 Chris S. Rx\10:38 Ed 155-PU\16:00 Eddie Rx\13:51 Jack 135-PU-s\13:32 Jesse 135-rr-s\11:52 Amy 45-rr-s\16:11 Leanne 65-rr-s\15:23

4:00 Tim Rx\rx\sgls 16:07 Sink rx\rx\sgls 15:58 Katie 105\rx\rx Gary rx\pu\rx 15:24 Halle 105\rx\rx 17:08 Sarah 85\pbd\rx 17:00 Genelle 95\hpc\sgls 25:00 Ron 115\rx\rx 19:06

1800 Christine 75\s\ 12:35 **Nicole 55\rr\s\12:58 Julie 65\rr\13:47 MKC RX\ 15:40 Malopy RX\ 11:34 Irene (jc2b) 15:41

1900 Brett 115\pu\ 16:05 Paris 115\b\s\ 16:26 Matt B. 135\s\ 14:35 Tim 135\g\s\ 16:36 Tim B. 115\ 15:36 Eric 115\ 22:01