Team WOD/Boot Camp/Happy BDay Fred

[youtube]Saturday July 22, 2017

:-) Happy Birthday Fred :-)

Boot Camp:8:15-9:15am Team WOD:9:30-10:45am

WOD Teams of 2 AMRAP25* 12 T2B 12 KBS 70/53/35 6 Squat Cleans 6 Burpee Box Overs 200m Row 5 min Rest Then AMRAP15** Wall Balls 200 m KB Farmer's Carry 70/53/35

*On "GO" Partner 1 will start with T2B, Partner 2 will begin with KBS they will leap frog each other through the workout. example: Partner 1 T2B/Partner 2 KBS, Partner 1 Cleans/Partner 2 BOB/Partner 1 Row/Partner 2 T2B, Partner 1 KBS/Partner 2 Cleans, etc

**MRE Wall balls while partner takes a 200 m stroll with a KB in each hand. Upon return partners will switch work. Tallying all Wall Ball reps.

Warm Up: 800 m Indian Run then Coach Led Dynamic Warm Up

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