Team WOD/Boot Camp

Saturday July 8, 2017 Boot Camp:8:15-9:15am Team WOD:9:30-10:45

WOD Teams of 4 2Girls/2Guys 16 Sled Drag (back of building to 112)95/65 10000# KBS 18000# S2OH 26000# Deadlifts Sled Drag begins and ends on the corner of Whipple and the alley. Each team member will pull the sled 4 times. Everyone can work at once. You can team up and knock out an exercise as a group or spread out and chip away at each exercise.

Warm Up: 800 m Group Run then High Leg Kicks (Garage door to Back of Rig) Walking Calf Stretch/Toe Touch to front of rig Bear Walk to back of Rig Samson Lunge then Mobility