Dubs-Run-OHS/Midline Conditioning

Friday July 7, 2017

WOD AMRAP15 60 DUs 200 m Run 10 OHS 95/65/45

Midline Conditioning: Tabata Hollow Holds Gymnastics 5x2 Strict Pull Ups (use bands as needed) 10>1 Ring Rows after each round :10 HS Hold

Warm Up: High Leg Kicks along Rig 10 Jumping Lunges Walking Toe Touches to whiteboard 10 Air Squats Bear Walk along Rig 5 In Place Inch Worms Broad Jumps to whiteboard 15 Push Ups 10 Scap Pull Downs 20 Kip Swings (levers)

0500 Mercedes s-35\3+380 Coffey Rx 4+263 Kelly s-55\3+132 Trent s-55\3+260 Debbie Rx\4+21 Kate W. D-35\2+263 Maria D-35\2+45 Marcus s-95\2+260 Katie s-65\4+260 Leanne s-35\3+47 Flisak s-115 FS\3+147 Rachel P. D-45\3+14 Meghan W. S-55\3+180

0600 Vin D-75\5+17 Jeny s-35\3+150

0700 Sinker s-95\3+380 TPC D-75\ 4 Phil Rx\ 4+39 Curtis Rx 5+20 Rachel L. s-45\4+30 Jim L. s-PVC\3+60

0900 John Mc. Rx\3+43 Dre mod.\4+180 MKR SU-65\4+13 Mar s-45\2+283 Ray Rx\4+10 Bill O. S-75\3+12 Jaymi Rx\4+260 MKC Rx\4+24 Mel T. S-45\3+380 Lou Rx\4+1 Meaghan S-65\3+46

1000 Dennis Rx\4+38 Kristy D-65 FS\4+60 Julia S-55\4+30 Lynne S-35\3+380 Sam S-45\3+124 Kevin Rx\4+260 Brett D-PVC\4+30 Matt D. S-45\3+180 Ade Rx\3+30 Erin G. mod.\3+268 Matt G. Rx\3* stupid truck Amy K. S-45\2+380

4:00 Gage s-95\ 4&142 Meghan s-65 Mod.\ 3&59 Ashley RX\ 5&30 Jen M. s-55\ 3&180 Tim G. s-95\ 4 Mrs. Reed s-55\ 3&380 Gary du-95-Mod\ 4&200 Genelle s-55\ 3&110 Ellie s-Row-20\ 2&302 Malopy RX\ 4 Halle RX\ 3&266

5:00 Julie RX\3 plus 60 Tommy RX\3 plus 60 Matt B. s-95\4 Paris s-75-Mod\3 plus 140

6:00 Dawn d-55\ 3&5 Ed RX\ 4&28 Jim RX\ 2&45 Ian s-45\ 4 Tim B. RX\ 3&260