Dubs-T2B/Shoot Throughs-Strict T2B work/Sox Game Info

Wednesday June 14, 2017

No CF Kids. CF Kids will Resume June 27

We have the Sox outing sign up sheet on the front desk. June 30, patio party, Sox game and fireworks. We will rent a school bus for transportation. Patio and game is $46 and bus is usually $15 per person. We'd love to see a big turnout as we will be celebrating Halle's 21 BDay!

WOD EMOM12 Odd:40 DUs Even:9-12 T2B

Accessory Work: 10 Parallette/Box Shoot Throughs 5x3 Strict T2B (get as high as possible)

Warm Up: 800 m Run then "Iron Scap"

0500 Kate DU Mike F S Matt K S Tim B DU Jim N DU MKMC DU Rachel L S Rachel P S Meghan W S Mel DU

0600 Jose JX Josh DU Debbie DU Dan DU

0700 Marcia line jumps-pull downs Matt G DU Tim G S

0900 Gage S Mrs. Reed little bit of both Mark K. S

1000 Meg S John P DU Kevin DU Kristy DU Julio S Murph S Pete DU