Row-T2B-KB Snatch/Handstand Accessory Work/AM Sessions ONLY-NO PM

Friday May 26, 2017

NOTE:NO PM Sessions Tonight. Moving Day!! :-)

WOD 50/40 Cal Row then 10 T2B 20 Alt KB Snatch 53/35/27 then 50/40 Cal Row

Accessory Work: 3x5 wall walks - chest and belly to wall 4x20ft Lateral Wall Walks (moving side to side) 5x5 Barbell Ab Roll Outs

Warm Up: 400 m Run then Dynamic Shoulder/Arm Warm Up

5:00 MURPH Mercedes 49:22 Chuck vest 59:18 Debbie 43:49 Jim N. vest 48:39 Tim B. vest 59:22 Mike F. vest 47:42 Matt K. body armor 46:32 Meghan W. 55:07

6:00 jose 35\22:15 Ray Rx\17:35 Lynne 27-HKR\22:19 Julia 27\19:44 Curtis Rx\21:27 Vin Murph-vest\50:15

7:00 Marcia mod\18:14 Matt G. Murph\1:10 Jennay Rx\22:52 Nick K. 22:59

9:00 Gage Bill O. Ade O'Ryan Murph-ish Dawn Ed OK Murph Old Style Genelle Murph Erin L. Murph