Run-Row-Push/OHS-Strict Press/Boot Camp

Tuesday May 16, 2017

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD 3 Rounds 400 m Run 80 Dus 20 Push Ups

Strength: OHS 7x3@85% of data from May 2 Strict Press 7x5@75% of data from 4-18

Warm Up: 600 m Row-Tabata, :20 hard/:10 easy till 600 then High Leg Kicks to turf 15 Air Squats Samson Lunge to Whiteboard 10 Push Ups Walking Calf Stretch to Turf 5 In Plae Inch Worms Samson Lunges to White Board 5 Burpees 20 Ring Rows then 25 PVC Pass Throughs 10 OHS

0500 Debbie RX 14:02 Mercedes S 14:25 Cyndi S 13:12 Glenda S 16:30 Lynne S 14:45 Kelly S 13:05 Master P RX 15:13 Rachel S 12:15 Matt K S 10:54 Jim N S 10:47 Tim B RX 21:36 Mike F S 11:45 Meghan W S 15:29 Vin RX on Roids? 10:36 MKMC RX 11:38

0600 Jose JX 10:48 Victor S 11:40 Tim M S 14:49 Joe M S 17:08

0700 TPC RX 13:16 Matt G S 15:52 Faarooq S 16:30 Jennay RX 15:18

0900 Big Mike s\16:56 John Metz Rx\16:11 Gary Rx\11:29 Katie s\11:44 Old Style s\15:21 Noah s\11:50 Meghan T. s\13:29 Tim G. s\17:07 Gage s\12:22

1000 Kevin Rx\10:20 Ed Rx\17:40 MKR Rx\17:30 Halle Berry Rx\14:44 Sam B. s\15:37 Kristy Rx\16:45 Ron s\15:58 Jerome Rx\13:54 John M. s\13:05 Jess C. Rx\16:40 Leanne s\17:38 MKC Rx\17:30 Jaymi Rx\12:06 John V. s\13:30 JB s\16:24 Ellie s\20:49 Malopy Rx\11:26 Jamie S. s\16:30 Coffey Rx\12:57

1600 Sink RX-15:11 Chris RX-12:40 Milo s-12:50 Victoria S-17:30 Dre Row-s 11:56 Curtis RX-11:26 Joe V s-11:12 Mrs. Reed s-16:35 Julia s-13:11 Tommy s-14:25 Genelle s-16:33

1800 Max s-13:14 Peter mod\row\wall balls 16:30 Jail s-14:43

1900 Matt B-s-8:50 Mike H- 19:05