Team WOD/Boot Camp

Saturday May 6, 2017

Boot Camp:8:15-9:15am Team WOD:9:30-10:45am

WOD Twisted Cindy* Teams of 2 AMRAP40 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Air Squats 400 m Sandbag Run *On "GO" partner 1 will run 400 m while partner 2 starts "Cindy." Partner 2 will get as much work done as possible until partner 1 returns. On the switch partner 1 will pick up wherever partner 2 left off in the rep scheme(if 3 push ups, partner 1 will start at the 4th push up and continue.)Goal is as a team complete as many rounds of "Cindy" as possible

Warm Up: Coach Led Dynamic Warm Up