EMOM Chipper/Handstand Accessory Work/No PM today/Happy BDay TPC & T3

Friday April 14, 2017

:-) Happy Birthday Dave :-) :-) Happy Birthday Randy :-)

**No PM classes today. Regular AM schedule

WOD EMOM20 1.12 KB SDHP 70/53/35 2.12 Wall Balls 25/20/14 3.24 DUs 4.12 Shoulder Taps -Beginner, Top of Plank Shoulder Taps -Intermediate, Box in pike position or Inverted Handstand Shoulder Taps(wall walk) -Advanced, Handstand hold shoulder taps

Skill/Accessory Work: Handstand Kick Up Practice -Advanced, off the wall with Partner -Intermediate/beginner, on Wall 10 attempts-If successful getting upside down... Balance Drill -Against Wall, pull 1 foot off, then second -Advanced, have partner release leg hold

Warm Up: 400 m Run then Bear Walk to Turf 20 Jumping Jacks Broad Jump to Whiteboard 10 Push Ups Lateral Band Walks up and back 5 Dive Bombers then Mobility

5:00 Alice 35-14-s-box\20 Kelly 35-14-s-box\20 Kate 53-20-s-wall walk\20 Gary 70-25-DU-wall walk\20 Doc 70-25-s-box\20 Rachel 35-14-DU-box\20

6:00 Matt G. 70-25-Du-wall walks\20 TPC 44-14-DU-box\20 Ray 70-25-DU-box\20 Faarrooq 53-25-S-wall walk\20 MKMC 53-14-DU-wall walk\16

7:00 Shelby lifting Curtis Rx\20 Rachel L. 27-14-S-ww\20 Pedro 53-25-s-pl\20 Timmah 70-25-s-ww\20 Lynne 35-14-DU-ww\20 Julia 35-15-DU-ww\20 Allison 27-14-s-ww\20

9:00 Gage 70-25-s-box\20 Sinker 70-25-DU-ww\20 Bill K. 53-14-s-pl\20 Kate W. 27-10-DU-pl\20 Maria 27-14-DU-pl\18 T3 53-20-du-pl. vested\20 Milo 70-25-s-box\20 Leanne 27-14-s-pl\20 Kristy 53-20-DU-ww\20 Ade 70-25-DU-ww\20 Nacho 70-25-s-box\20

10:00 Ed O. Rx\20 Dre 70-25-s-pl.\20 Genelle 53-20-DU-pl\20 Erin L. 44-20-s-ww\20 Dawn 35-14-DU-ww\20 Irvin 53-20-DU-box\20 Jack P. 70-25-s-box\20 Matt B. 70-25-s-box\20