Cindy/T2B Skill Work/CF Kids-JV & Varsity/Open Gym

Wednesday April 12, 2017

CF Kids:JV(6-12 years)4:20-4:55pm Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

Open Gym:6:00-8:00pm

**Reminder-No PM classes Good Friday. Regular AM schedule

WOD "Cindy" AMRAP20 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Air Squats

Accessory Work: Kip Swings 3x20 T2B Skill Work 5x4, With a Partner, partner will hold hands in front of feet at their shoulder level, top of head level and, extended over head. Goal is to hit hand with toes. 4th is an attemp to kick bar. -Advanced, same as above but a quick succession of stringing the 4 together. Hollow Sit Ups 3x10

Warm Up: 3 laps Jog around Rig 1 Lap High Knee Skips 1 Lap Butt Kickers then 10 Jumping Squats 10 Burpees 10 Scap Pull Downs 10 Ring Rows

5am Debbie Rx\ 18plus3 PR!!!!!!!!!!!! Chuck Rx\ 14plus3 Mercedes BP\ 15plus5 Matt K Rx\ 17plus1 Louie Rx\ 20plus5 Mike F Rx\ 14plus15 Rachel R\ 10plus1 Jocelyn RP\ 10plus17 Jim \Mobility-row Allison BR\ 10plus1 Julia Rx\ 13 Lynn B\ 11plus10 Rachel Rx\ 10plus1 Megan Rx\ 10plus2

6am Joe Rx 12plus9 Pedro Rx 10

7am Marcia Ring Rows\9plus4 Ash Rx\9plus4 Halle Rx\9plus4

9am John P. Rx\17 Ed O. Rxplus vest\12plus4 Kristy Rx\14plus4 Mel T. Rx\8plus5 ring rows-12plus5 MeaghanRx plus vest\10plus18 Leanne G\10plus5 Gage Rx\11plus16

10am Sam B. G\10plus11 Don Rx\10 Sarah Rx\12plus14 Jack Rx\11plus15 John M. Rx\10plus6 Erin Rx\11plus2

Open Gym Tommy Rx\14