Row-Dubs-Pull Ups/Pull Up Accessory Work

Friday April 7, 2017

WOD For Time: 75/63 Cal Row 200 DUs (600 Singles) 50 Kipping Pull Ups

Midline Conditioning: Tabata Hollow Holds Gymnastics Strict Pull Ups-No Bands, Pull as high as you can if you do not have a chin over bar pull up. Advanced-Time Under tension, Hold PU for 3-5 sec 5x2, rest 90 sec 10>1 Ring Rows-Make this challenging and go as low as possible after each round :10 HS Hold

Warm Up: 600 m Row then 20 Shoulder Taps (Top of Plank) 10 Dive Bombers 10 Ring Rows 10 Scap Pull Downs 20 Kip Swings

5:00 Mercedes s-red\15:03 Debbie Rx\16:19 Glenda s-jump\17:21 Matt K. S\16:18 Maria S-blue\17:21 Lynne S-BR\16:58 Mike F. S-R\13:37 Jim N. s\14:50 Cyndi S-RB\17:19 Rachel S\15:30 Jim L. S-Gr\16:00 Meghan S-2B\15:36

6:00 Josh Rx\14:08 Joe V. S\16:34 Faarooq S-G\17:16 Dan B. Rx\12:00 Vin Rx\15:01 MKMC Rx\13:48

7:00 TPC Rx\12:24 Curtis Rx\12:08 Marcia 10:45 Jennay Du-ring rows\12:34 Julia S\14:32

9:00 Gage s-R\19:19 Beetle Rx+20# vest\15:19 Bill K. S-r.rows\17:26 Tim G. s\15:22 Bill O. s-JPU\17:20 Sewnig mod\13:12 Sam B. s\16:17 Sherrise s-JPU\23:00 Meghan S-JPU\24:00 Ace S\16:31 Old Style S-B\19:42 Mel T. Du- 1ST DU WORKOUT!!!! :)-Bl\30:35 Randy Rx\14:21

10:00 Metz Rx\19:50 Ed O Rx\13:15 Dawn S\16:24 Kristy Rx\16:21 Leanne S-RB\21:10 Jack P. S-R\16:29

4:00 Mr. Reed RX\22:01 Mrs. Reed s\22:15 Sinker s\17:14 Irv s-g\24:03 Grace s-g\18:37 Halle RX\18:19 Chris RX\10:07 Tommy RX\23:12

5:00 Nick RX\17:16 Julie D-B&R strict\23:49 Christine s\14:53 Alice S-R\19:04 Gary RX\12:11 Mary S-G\20:40 MKC RX\16:01 Genelle S\25:46 Kate S\15:20

6:00 Brett RX\16:22 Matt B. RX\12:38