Row-Sit Ups/Handstand Skills/CF Kids-JV & Varsity/Open Gym

Wednesday April 5, 2017

CF Kids:JV(6-12 years)4:20-4:55pm Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

Open Gym:6:00-8:00pm* *If you plan to attend Open Gym, please consider doing the skill work below to follow the program.

WOD EMOM8 Odd:15/12 Cal Row Even:30 Sit Ups

Gymnastics Skills: Handstand walking (Click link for demo) -Downward Dog Handstand Rocks 3 roundsx6 0:00-0:24 -Pike Box Walk 3 roundsx1 lap each direction -Wall Walks 3 roundsx3

Warm Up: 3 laps around Rig -1 Lap High Knee Skips -1 Lap Butt Kicks -Carioca aka Karaoke aka Grape Vine 1 Lap fecing rig, 1 lap facing out 10 Push Ups Inch Worms half way up Rig, Bear Walk fininsh Bear Walk Backwards back to whiteboard 10 Dive Bombers/Downward Dog>Cobra 20 Hollow Rocks then Shoulder/forearm/wrist mobility

0500 Debbie-- Matching outfit today! Chuck-- Animal Lover! Mike F-- Saving lives! Lynne-- Deep thoughts! Julia-- Good to see ya! Allison-- I'm gonna need you to get to work! Tim B-- Dapper! Nice Shirt! Matt K-- Army strong! Louis-- Debbie is not a b*tch! Rachel-- Handstand walk queen! Jim L-- Whistles while he works! Jim N-- Don't be scared!

0600 Jose-- Loves math! Alice-- Thanks for joining us this morning! Tim M-- Bright and early! Joe V-- Always on his game! Faarooq-- Not that late this morning! MKMC--Asking relevant questions! Vin-- My coffee buddy! Jennay-- One of my favorites!

0700 Ed O-- Lover of the dogs! Curtis-- Thanks for always having something to say! Murph-- Good to see you this morning! Marcia-- One of the most inspiring individuals at CFB! We love having you with us Marcia; thanks for letting us be in your company!

0900 Beetle-- CFB's biggest cheerleader! Phil-- Good to see you Master P! Gage-- Once you start listening to Beetle it's all downhill! Erin G-- One bad Momma! Julio-- You're a lucky man! Bill-- Sorry Halle forgot ya!

1000 Brett-- He's tall! Mr. Reed-- Who doesn't like Ron? Mrs. Reed-- Sarah you are one lucky gal! Leanne-- Get some sleep would ya! Ade-- Chicago's bravest! Kristy-- Blonde moments galore! Jackie-- Just buy the shirt for Mike!