Team WOD/Boot Camp/Yoga returns tomorrow

Saturday April 1, 2017

Boot Camp:8:15-9:15am Team WOD:9:30-10:45

WOD Teams of 2* AMRAP4 MRE Burpees rest 90sec AMRAP6 6 C2B 6 HRPU rest 90sec AMRAP8 8 Thrusters 115/85/65 8 Lateral Bar Hops (Barbell) rest 90sec AMRAP10 10 HPC 115/85/65 10 V Ups rest 2min AMRAP12 Max Meter Row -Partner holds Plank switch as needed *For each AMRAP one partner will work through couplet while other partner rests. Desired goal is high intensity cycling. Recovery will be achieved at rest periods.

Warm Up: :40 work/:15 rest Jumping Jacks High Knee In Place Skips In Place Butt Kickers Lateral Shuffle RKBS Good Mornings Bent Over Rows Jumping Squats w/ Barbell

Metz|Lori 3229 Jenny|Debbie (we were supposed to keep score..oops..) Maria|Kathy (too exhausted to count) Meaghan|Matt (eh didn't even cross our minds...) Julia|Lynne 2329 Nick|Christine 2198 and plucked 15 gray hairs off Nick's chest