Dubs-Deads and BOB/Rig Work/Boot Camp/Happy BDay Irv

Tuesday March 28, 2017

:-) Happy Birthday Irv :-)

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD AMRAP3 60 DU Buy In (2x Singles) ITTR AMRAP 15 Deadlifts 135/95/65 15 Bar over Burpees (Lateral) Rest 3 Min AMRAP3 60 DU Buy In (2x Singles) ITTR AMRAP 10 Deadlifts 185/135/95 10 Bar over Burpees Rest 3 Min AMRAP 3 60 DU Buy In (2x Singles) ITTR AMRAP 5 Deadlifts 225/185/135 5 Bar over Burpees

Accessory Work: 5 Rounds (Use Bands as Needed) 2 Strict C2B 3 Strict PU 4 Kipping C2B 5 Kipping Pull Ups

Then 3 Rounds easy pace 10 Deadlifts climbing to find workout weight 3 Burpees

Warm Up: :40 each/:10 rest (Everyone Grap a Barbell) Jumping Jacks In Place Inch Worms Barbell:Good Mornings Back Squat Jumping Squats Push Press Move to Rig:Scap Pull Downs Kip Swings

5:00 Mercedes s-95-125-145/76 Kate d-65-65-75/43 Lou RX/51 Lynne s-85-95-115/53 Jim B s/60 Glenda s-65-95-135/63 Mike s/84 Cyndi s/60 Tim RX/55 Matt K. s/122 Coffey RX/88 Jim N. s/81 Jocelyn d-65-95-115/48 Dan RX/122 Lisa RX/62 Allison s-65-85-105/59 Rachel s-65-95-105/92 Jim L. s-105-125-145/57

6:00 Victor d-95-135-185/73 Jose JX-115-125-145/85 Jimmy John s/90 Vin RX/99 Faarooq s-95-135-185/68 Angie Mod/59

7:00 Matt G. RX/66 J'Nae Recovering Row Curtis RX/116

8:00 TPC RX/85

9:00 Beetle Rx\121 Nacho s-135-185-225\117 Big Mike s-135-185-225\86 John Metz s-135-185-225\83 Bill O. s-115-135-155\57 Jess C. DU-85-115-135\67 Melissa s-85-115-135\65 Old style s-65-75-135\75 Victoria s-95-135-185\65

10:00 Ade Rx\90 Eddie Rx\124 Ed DU-95-135-185\80 Kristy Rx\60 Leanne s-65-85-95\69 Amy s-65-95-115\58 Erin G. Rx\35 Julio s-135-185-225\50 Carla s-65-85-105\64

1600 Julia S 85-105-125\90 Halle D 95-135-145\64 Sarah S 85-115-135\88 Jen S 95-135-185\58 Irene S 95-135-185\89 Larry S 135-185-225\1st WOD!!!! 60 Tom S 75-95-95\91 Reynaldo S-65-65-65\60 Grace S-65-75-95\86

1800 Ian S 135-185-205\ 76 Gage S 135-185-225\ 73 PJ S 135-185-235\ 115 Julie S 95-135-155\ 28 Brett RX 91 Sherrise S 55-65-85\ 65 Genelle S 95-135-185 \67

1900 Andre S 135-185-225\ 84 Meaghan S 95-135-185\ 69 Matt B. S 135-185-225\ 99 Eric RX 54 Debbie RX 74 Coffey's Revenge RX 122