Cleans-Dips/Back Squat/CF Kids-Varsity/Submit 17.5 scores by 7:00pm

Monday March 27, 2017 CF Kids:Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

REMINDER:Submit 17.5 scores by 7:00pm tonight

WOD 21-15-9 Full Clean 115/95/65 Ring Dips

Strength: Back Squat 10x1@96%

3 Rounds 4 Ring Dips, set up assisting devices as needed 4 Full Cleans climbing each round to desired WOD weight

Warm Up: Jog 3 Laps around rig 1 Lap High Knee 1 Lap Butt Kicks 5 Inch Worms-Bear Crawl to turf Burpee Broad Jump Then Hip/Leg mobility

0500 Debbie 85 PC-box\5:41 Maria 55-Mata\6:20 Mercedes 65-BB\8:03 Allison 55-box\7:50 Glenda 45-box\7:00 Kate 35-Box\8:41 Cyndi 85-box\9:01 Louis Rx\6:45 Matt K. Rx\8:15 Jim N. 105-PB\8:52 Mike F 105-PB\9:20 Jocelyn 65-mata\8:53 Faarooq 75-mata\10:19

0600 Victor 95-RB\10:29 Jose 95-mata\8:22 Vin 95\9:46 Dan 17.5 Ray Rx\7:32

0700 TPC Rx\9:33 Curtis 115-mata\9:22 Shelby mod. Marcia 15-box\:) Jennay 17.5

0900 Beetle 95\7:47 Meaghan 85-r mata.\17:07 Bill K. 45-mat\11:05 Old Style 65-par\14:35 Ace 95-mat\9:26 Bill O. 65-par.\11:20 Mickey 95-ring rows\9:42 Tony 95\11:10 Corinne 65-par.\13:08 Dre 115-ring rows\8:46

1000 Kevin Rx\6:00 Kristy 85-mat.\15:25 Erin 85-ring rows\15:32 Mrs. Reed 65-r. dips\12:09 Mr. Reed 17.5 Fred 17.5 Dawn 17.5

1600 Sinker Rx 12:27 Bam-Bam 115-Blue/11:00 Halle 85-red/11:44 Tommy 17.5 Ash 17.5 Jen M 55-red/8::41 Matt G 115-red/11:43 Victoria 8-blue/12:09

6:00 Julia 75\red mat\12:59 Irvin 95\mat\16:52 (power clean) Lynne 55\Mat blue\12:42 Peter 75\box\13:40 Sherrise 45\box\10:58 Max 115-95\purple\10:35 Jail 65\red\10:31 Gage 115\red\15:23 Lori 70\purple\10:31 Josh Rx 9:54 Ian 115\red\14:56 PJ Mod Genelle 85\box\12:50 Ed Mod 9:18

7:00 Mike 50\mat\11:55 Leanne 55|box\12:58 Matt 115\red\14:53 Eric 115\blue\15:38 Jeramy Rx mat\9:55