Row-Heavy Wall Balls-Dubs/Boot Camp/Bring A Buddy

Tuesday March 21, 2017

Bring a Buddy...All Day Every Session

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD EMOM18 Min 1: 13/10 Cal Row Min 2: 8 Wall Balls 25/20/14 Min 3:40 DUs

Accessory Work: T2B 5x12 Unbroken Try to string them together, then hang on to bar as long as possible to get all 12. Rest 2 min Between Rounds

Warm Up: 5 min "Cindy" 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Air Squats

5:00 Mercedes 14#-s\18 Kate 10-d\12 Chuck RX\10 Lynne 20-s\18 Lou RX\12 Matt K. 25-s\15 Glenda 10-s\17 Meghan 16-s\18 Mike 25-s\18 Cyndi 20-s\18 Tim RX\6 Mel 16-mod\18 Rachel 14-s\18 Jim L. 20-s\12 Faarooq 14-s\ 3 Jocelyn 16-d\12 Jim N. 25-s\17 Lisa RX\18

6:00 Jose 20#-s\12 Tim 25-s\18 Jimmy John 25-s\18 Victor RX\18 Vin RX\18

7:00 Matt RX\18 J'Nae RX\17

8:00 TPC RX\18

9:00 Mickey Mouse 25-s\18 Big Mike 25-s\16 Andre 25-s\18 Bill O. 16-s\14 Gage 25-s\11 Sinker 25-s\18 April 20-s\14 Victoria 20-s\14 Melissa 14-s\17 Meaghan 20-s\18 Old style 14-s\11

10:00 Mr. Reed 20-s\18 Kevin Rx\18 Ade Rx\14 Eddie Rx\18 Joe C. 25-s\18 Brett Rx\18 Erin G.Rx\18 Leanne 14-s\17 Kristy Rx\18

4:00 Kate 14|s|16 Ehlers Rx 18 Julia 14|s|18 Halle Rx 14 Tom 20|s|13 Milo 25|s|18 Julio Rx 14 P.J. 20|s|12 Genelle 20|s|12 Sarah 14|s|12 Josh Rx 18 Ed O' Rx 18

6:00 Dawn 16|Du-s|18 Shelby Rx 18 Sarah 20|s|18 Jail 14|s|18 Curtis Rx 18 Chris 20|s|12 Max 20|s|18 Ian 25|s|18 Tim 25|s|18 Irvin 14|s|18 Drake 25|s|10 Nick Rx (was too busy gawking at shirtless Nick-didn't get a score:)

7:00 Mike mod|18 Matt 25|s|18 Shawn Rx 18 Maddie 2|s|18