BJs-Snatch-BMU/Pause Snatch-Snach Pulls/Boot Camp

[youtube]Thursday March 16, 2017

We are going to do Friday Night Lights again this week. Friday's 5 and 6 pm sessions will be merged into heats.  We would like to put a theme to it as it is St. Patrick's Day. So please consider bringing a dish or drink to celebrate the day. With that being said, please still consider coming in for Boot Camp or 17.4 Saturday morning for Workout to Wipeout Domestic Violence with a $25 donation. This is an event very dear to me so even if you can't come in Saturday we will gladly take a donation. Thanks guys.

WOD AMRAP 12 12 Box Jumps 24/20/20 Step Up 9 Power Snatch 115/85/65 6 BMU/7 BPU/8 JBMU

Oly Accessory Work: Pause Snatch 5x3 climbing 2 sec pause at knees

Snatch Pulls 3x5@95% Warm Up: 500m Row then Burgener Warm Up

5:00 Mercedes 45-bpu\3 plus 21 Kate 25-bpu\3 plus 11 Maria 35-bpu\3 plus 21 Allison 35-jbmu\4 Meghan 55-jbmu\3 plus 6 Glenda 35-bpu\4 plus 9 Cyndi 35-bpu\3 plus 25 Jocelyn 45-jbmu\4 plus 14 Timmy B. 75-bpu\4 plus 2 Jim B. 95-bpu\2 plus 21 Maria's Mom Mod. Jim N. 75-bpu\4 plus 9 Mike F. 85-bpu\4 plus 2 Kathy 35-bpu\4 Mel 55-jbmu\3 plus 21

6:00 jose El Chapo 75-jbmu\4 Faarooq 85-bpu\2 plus 18

7:00 TPC 75-jbmu\3 plus 18 Matt G. 115-jbmu\3 plus 2 Denis 75-bpu\3 plus 16 Jennay 85-PU\4 plus 2

9:00 John Mc. 105-jbmu\2 plus 24 Beetle Karen- RX\7:42 Maria's Mom RX Everything 92nd WOD today!) Angie Mod\4 Phil 24"SU-85-bpu\2 plus 20 Bill 20"SU-65-bpu\ 3 Tom 95-bpu\3 plus 12 Joe 105-bpu\3 Jess C. 75-jbmu\3 plus 15 Ace Karen RX\9:04 Old Style Karen 10#\10:50 Victoria 55-bpu\3 plus 3 Andre bpu\3 plus 2

10:00 Metz Karen-RX\12:42 Erin 55-jbmu\4 Jack 95-bpu\3 plus 18 Kristy 65-jbmu\2 plus 26 Ade 24"su-jbmu\5 plus 12 Ed Mod\ 2 plus 21 Amy Karen- 10#\10:07 Lou RX\3 plus 15 John B. 95-pu\2 plus 20

4:00 Kate 65-BPU\3 plus 4 Melissa T 45-HPC-BPU\3 plus 6 Halle 55-BPU\3 plus 23 Shelby 75-BPU\3 plus 26 Timmah 105-JBMU\3 plus 21 Robbie RX\4 plus 2 Caitlin 25 HPC-PU\4 plus 2 Meaghan Karen\12:08 65-BPU\3 plus 6 Allie 65-BPU\3 plus 22

6:00 Malopy RX\4 plus 10 Curtis 115-JBMU\4 plus 6 Genelle Karen-RX\12:32 Ian Karen-RX\11:34 Jail Karen-RXplus 16\10:23 Lori 55-BPU\4 plus 5 Tim Karen-10\7:05 Max Karen-RX\ Sam Karen-14\8:18 MKR Karen-RX\8:23 P. clean 85-JBMU\3 Debbie 55-BPU\4 plus 17 Irene 65-BPU\3 plus 18 MKC Karen-RX\10:11

7:00 Matt 115-BPU\3 plus 9 Drake vest-95-BPU\2 plus 15 Peter mod\4 Dawn Karen-RX\9:49