Dubs with Burpees/Pause Cleans-Clean Pulls/Boot Camp/17.3 Announcement

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEI_cwFo2FE&w=560&h=315]Thursday March 9, 2017

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

17.3 Announcement Viewing Party:7:00pm Cole Sager, Mat Fraser, Scott Panchik.

Reminder: We will be running a "Friday Night Lights" for 17.3 tomorrow night. Last week was a lot of fun and a great success. We will run heats combining the 5 and 6pm sessions. All are welcome to participate, spectate, judge. We would love to see a packed house to share support for the event. We are also trying to make Friday a Pot Luck with adult beverages. So please bring a dish or beverage to share. We look forward to a great evening. If you can not participate due to work schedule we will still be running 17.3 during all sessions tomorrow morning as well as at Team WOD Saturday.

WOD 12 min Cap 300 DUs EMOM perform 4 Burpees

Oly Skill Work: Pause Clean 5x3 climbing 2 sec pause at knees

Clean Pulls 3x5@95%

Warm Up: 600 m Row then Barbell Warm Up

5:00 Mercedes s\11:35 Kate Rx\184 Reps Debra Rx\10:44 Allison s\726 Lynne s\730 Cyndi s\11:55 Glenda s\740 Matt K. s\872 Chuck Rx\90 Mr. Kool Aid s\400 Mike F. s\11:36 Dan B. Rx\7:42 Coffey Rx\5:31 Jocelyn Rx\180 Jim N. s\11:37 Faarooq s\11:50

6:00 Jennay Mod. Victor s\8:51 Vinsanity Rx\7:37 Pinche Tim s\8:36 Jose El Chapo s\8:41

7:00 Denis s\735 Matt G. Mod. Master P. Rx\8:54

9:00 John Mc. RX\9:00 Phil s\811 Melissa s\10:45 Victoria 3\476 Bill s\455 Sam RX\3:43

10:00 Randall RX\10:53 Julia s\8:57 Kevin RX\3:38 Mrs. Reed s\8:41 Lou RX\150 Erin L. s\772 Metz RX\211 Erin G. s\500 Leanne s\611 Kristy RX\251 Jimmy s\501 Amy s\700 Ade RX\9:39

4:00 Sinker S/9:43 Ed O Rx 9:51 Sam B S/461 Murph S 11:47 Milo S/ 8:56 Julio S/620 Halle Rx 245 Tom K S/823 Robbie Rx 4:25

6:00 Josh RX\7:55 Lori RX\6:53 Nick RX\269 Jen RX\293 Tommy S\11:33 Christine S\8:55 Ian S\9:29 Alice S\715 Malopy RX\5:28

7:00 Jack S\610 Maria S\11:59 Mike S\695 Matt S\7:24