17.2/Friday Night Lights/Pot Luck/Happy BDay Joe V

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMarGTHymeA]Friday March 3, 2017

:-) Happy Birthday Joe V :-)

Reminder: We will be running a "Friday Night Lights" for 17.2 tonight. We will run heats combining the 5 and 6pm sessions. All are welcome to participate, spectate, judge. We would love to see a packed house to share support for the event. We are also trying to make Friday a Pot Luck with adult beverages. So please bring a dish or beverage to share. We look forward to a great evening. If you can not participate due to work schedule we will still be running 17.2 during all sessions today as well as at Team WOD tomorrow.

WOD Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of: 2 rounds of: 50-ft. weighted walking lunge 16 toes-to-bars 8 power cleans Then, 2 rounds of: 50-ft. weighted walking lunge 16 bar muscle-ups 8 power cleans Etc., alternating between toes-to-bars and bar muscle-ups every 2 rounds.

Warm Up: :40 each Jumping Jacks Air Squats Jumping Lunges Hang Power Cleans w/ Empty Bar S2OH In Place Inch Worms Dive Bombers Scap Pull Downs

*=Open Participant 5:00 Mercedes *S/92 reps Chuck *Rx/102 Jim B S/110 Glenda S/146 Matt K *Rx 78 Jim N *S/154 Mike F *S/120 Dan B *Rx/88 Cyndi S/187 Rachel L S/136 Allison *S/78 Mel S/87 Faarooq *S/97 Tim B *S/135 Kathy S/82 Jocelyn S/ 118

6:00 Vin S/164 Jose S/102

7:00 TPC Rx110 Matt G *Rx/78 Marcia *S/10 Timmah S/102 Kristy *S/206 Jennay *Rx/78 Brett *Rx 78

0900 Halle S-173 Bill O. S-94 Tony S-112 Jack S-85 Angie Mod.-102

1000 Matt B. S-83 Murph S-125 Erin L. S-146 Erin G. S-78 Jack S-102 Amy K. S-125 Ade S-127 Genelle S-112 Kevin S Jimmy S-112

4:00 Milo S-127 Julia S-138

5:00 Ed O 170 Marianne 78 Pete Tommy 78 MKR 78 Curtis RX 102

6:00 Beetle RX 78 Sarah R. Scaled 78 Lori RX 136 Jail 146 Max Malopy Denis 80

7:00 Ashley RX 87 Ron John 78 Maria 118