Annie/C&J/Boot Camp/17.1 Announcement/Happy BDay Mom

sam-and-kristinThursday February 23, 2017

Happy Birthday Mom

Open 17.1 WOD announcement tonight 7:00pm. Join us at the Box for the big announcement.

WOD "Annie" 50-40-30-20-10 DUs* Sit Ups *Triple for singles

Oly Work: Clean & Jerk 7x3+1, Climbing. No heavier than 75% Back off day prep for Open Clean Pulls 4x3@95%

Warm Up: 600 m Row then Mobility then Barbell Warm Up

5:00 Mercedes s\9:49 Allison s\12:43 Lynne s\13:18 Cyndi s\10:18 Debra Rx\8:33 Glenda s\11:04 MKMC Rx\7:02 Timmy B. Rx\9:54 Mike F. s\9:37 Jim N. Mod.-27#RKBS\10:59 Coffey Rx\6:52 Jim B. s\12:24 Matt K. s\9:48

6:00 Ray Rx\8:22 Brendan s\13:17 Vinsanity Rx\7:23 Victor Rx\8:15 Faarooq s\11:59 Tim M. s\8:07 Catie  s\11:42

7:00 TPC Rx\9:00 Curtis Rx\8:17 Denis s\11:26

9:00 Beetle RX\6:53 John Mc. RX\6:58 Meghan S\11:28 Angie Mod\14:20 Christopher S\11:53 Phil S\12:14 April S\11:43 Andre S\9:30 Tony S\10:39 Randall RX\9:22 Bill S\14:53 Sir William S\14:06 Sam RX\5:21

10:00 Lou RX\10:15 Melissa S\10:31 Kevin RX\6:00 Brett RX\8:45 John M. S\11:43 Jack S\8:40 Erin Mod\13:43 Old Style S\12:05 Fred RX\6:12 Jackie RX\9:27 Kristy S\10:04 Amy S\10:58 Metz Mod\9:52 Jimmy S\11:05 Ed Mod\9:07

4:00 Sinker S\8:22 Halle RX\12:06 Josh RX\7:14 MKR RX\8:07 Victoria RX\11:00 Sarah R S\7:44 Sam B S\11:42 Timmah S\9:57 Robbie RX\6:36 Jess C RX\12:31 Julio S\10:35 Julia S\9:18 Jen M S\10:23

6:00 Maria RX\13:07 Genelle S\8:58 Ashley RX\6:32 Jen RX\8:55 Lori RX\6:48 Marianne S\10:49 Malopy mod Max S\10:04

7:00 Eric RX\15:02 Allie RX\8:57 Matt S\6:35 Mike S\11:35