Dubs-Cleans-T2B/Snatch and Snatch Accessory/Boot Camp

heavy-lifting-womenThursday February 16, 2017

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD AMRAP15 30 DUs 15 Power Cleans 135/95/65 30 DUs 15 T2B

Oly Accessory Work: Snatch Balance 5x3, climbing

Snatch* 2@60% 2@65% 3x2@70% No TnG, Reset and pull fresh each rep. If you struggle with pulling from the floor, work from the second position hang (above the knees.)

Warm Up: Shuttle Sprints 3 Rounds :40 work/:40 rest then Burgener Warm Up

5:00 Mercedes s-75\255 Reps Kate 15-hkr\270 Glenda s-35-sit ups\360 Rachel s-35-floor v ups\305 Debra 95\261 Kelly s-85-k2e\264 Allison s-25-sit ups\260 Cyndi s-55-floor v ups\365 Jim N. Mod.-95\255 Jim L. s-35-sit ups\360 Jim B. s-115\212 Vinsanity 115\307 Mike F. s-95\270 Louis s-135\307 Coffey Rx\349 Timmy B. 95\295 Dan B. Rx\307

6:00 Jose El Chapo s-85-k2e\265 Josh Rx\302 Victor 95\227 Farooq s-75-v ups\270 Brendan s-65-k2e\255 Catie s-55-floor v ups\307

7:00 TPC Rx\211 MAtt G. Rx\215 Pedro s-95-hkr\215 April s-75-floor v ups\300 Jennay Rx\336 Curtis Rx\360 John M. s-115\224 John R. s-65-situps\215 Joe V. s-115\235 Denis s-115-hkr\260 Master P. Rx\285

9:00 John Mc. RX\242 Victoria D-55-HKR\255 Angie Mod\280 Phil S-75-K2E\186 Bill S-75-HKR\265 Melissa S-65\265

10:00 Jack S-95\308 Matt C. S-115-HKR\215 Brett 115\263 Kristy 55\255 Ed- Mobility Mrs. Reed S-75\188 Derren RX\225 Julio S-65-HKR\270 Dawn RX\228 Jimmy S-75\201 Sam RX\482

4:00 MKR RX\272 Ade RX\310 Halle 85\210 Lynne S-45-HKR\310 Julia S-65\270 Bill M. S-95\265 Sam B. S-65-LLR\270 Timmah S-115\264

6:00 Jess 85-D\301 Tommy S-135\300 Malopy Rx 450 Kevin Rx 480 Andre S-115\347 Ian S-115\240 Matt S-135\278 Mike MOD 300 Alice S-65\240 John P. S-135\395 Nick Rx 225 Christine Rx 193 Sherrise S-30-sit ups\345

7:00 Marianne S-55-HKR\341 Lori D-65\360 Drake S-115-sit ups\218 Kathy S-45-V-Ups\280 Eric Rx 160 :) First Rx DU WOD :)

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