HSPU-Med Ball Cleans-Weighted Sit Ups/Accessory Work/Boot Camp

aim-for-better Tuesday January 31, 2017

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD AMRAP 20 5 HSPU/8 Box Push Ups/10 Push Ups 10 Med Ball Cleans 20/14/10 15 OH Med Ball Sit Ups 20/14/10* *With arms extended toward the ceiling, perform a sit up while keeping the ball stationary. Do not lower the ball behind your head.

Accessory Work: Iron Scap-Perform all movements 2x then Tabata Bent over Rows w/ Barbell then 3 Rounds MRE unbroken T2B** Rest 2 min between rounds **With continuous running clock, keep track of your own 2 min rest.

Warm Up: :40 each OH Lunges Jumping Jacks Air Squats Push Ups Plate Halos (:20 clockwise/:20 counter clockwise) Plate G2OH Dive Bombers Scap Pull Downs

5:00 Mercedes PU\7-17 Kate PU-10\6-15 Mel PU\8-13 Jim N. BOX\8-15 Lynne BOX\6-8 Cyndi BOX\8 Ray 2AM-25\9-3 Allison PU-10\6-15 Rich BOX-16\8-1 Maria BOX-10\8-21 Faarooq BOX\6-8 Mike F. BOX\9-23 Rachel BOX\8 Jim L. BOX\6-1 Tim PU\7-11 Melissa PU-16\7 Meghan PU\6-15 Phil RX\5-20

6:00 Victor BOX\10-3 Rocky BOX-14\9-5 Jocelyn PU\8-18 Jose BOX-16\8 Dan B. RX\8-2 Brendan BOX-14\8-5 Catie BOX\8-5 Tim PU\9-3

7:00 Matt G. BOX\9-8 Denis BOX\9-12

8:00 Nacho box\9-20

9:00 Beetle box\11-8 Angie box\6 April box-10\8-10 Bill K. pushups-16\5 John Metz box\10-18 Bill O. pushups-16\6-15 Mike A. pushups\7 Jackie pushups-10\6-20 Irvin pushups-16\7-8 Tony 1AM\7-22 Meaghan box\9-10

10:00 Jack box\6-28 Louis Rx\9-3 Fred Rx\11 Leanne pushups-10\6 Kristy box\9-18 Brett box\6-27 Adi box-25\7-15 JB box\6-32 Erin L. box\7-4 Erin G. box\8-27 Amy 2AM-box\8-2

4:00 Sinker 20 1Abmat/8+15 Ron 20 2Abmats/7+3 Reed 14 1Abmat/8+5 Jeremy 20 1Abmat/9+6 Chuck 20 2Abmats/8 Kate Z 14 Box/7+12 Ehlers 20-2Abmats/9+2 Marianne 10 Push Ups/7+7 Jack R 16 Box/8 Tom K 14 Box/8+9 Jen M 10 Box/8+15 Jess C 14 Push Ups/8+25 Tim G 20 Box/9+13 Tommy 20 Box/8+11 Dawn Rx 8+5 Julio 20 Box 8+14

6:00 Malopy MOD MIke H Band/Press/ab curls 9+11 Gage 20/10/Box 7+8 Julia 14-PU 8+15 Ed 20-1 7+2 Genelle 14-PU 8+1

7:00 Matt B 20-Box 9+4 Eric 20-Box 7+18 Dre 20-Box 7+23