Front Squats-Ring PU-T2B/Hollow Rocks&Superman/Cogratulations Jan On-Rampers

hardwork_inset2Friday January 27, 2017

Congratulatons to the January On Ramp group on completing the program. We look forward to you all joining us for regular WODs

Happy Birthday, Tim!!

WOD 5 Rounds 10 Front Squats 155/115/85 11 Ring Push Ups 12 T2B

Accessory Work: Tabata Hollow Rocks Tabata Superman

then 8 minutes to work up to Front Squat WOD weight

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up

5:00 Mercedes 65\16:46 Chuck 85\13:07 Kate 55-K2E\13:06 Debbie 85\11:35 Glenda 45-V-ups\15:11 Cyndi 85-V-ups\12:02 Allison 4-V-ups\12:50 Meghan 65-K2E\15:35 Jim N. 115\15:45 Jim L. 65\14:11 Tim 105 + vest\17:07 Happy Birthday!!! :) :) Mike F. 75\13:07 Phil Rx 16:18

6:00 Katie 65-V-ups\10:26 Jose 105\10:27 Mel 55-V-ups\10:37 Ray Rx 11:22

7:00 TPC 115\14:22 Marcia air\bar\bands Gainer 135\16:28 Denis 115\13:16 Mel T. 55\pushups\BL-B pull ups\14:07

9:00 Ang 65-HKR\12:51 Beetle 135\10:33 Sinker 115\13:29 April 75-V ups\12:54 Ace 115-HKR\12:38 Old Style 55-HKR\14:45 Bill 65-HKR\15:00 Sam B. 85-V ups\13:20 Brett 95\18:10 Kate Z. 85\12:55

10:00 Kevin 95\9:05 Lou Rx\8:30 Metz 115\14:50 Erin L.55-pushups\13:37 Erin G. 75-pushups-HKR\13:09 Julia 75-pushups\14:27 Jimmy 75\15:46 Kristy 65-pushups\14:00 Amy 45\13:58 John P. 95\9:25 Ed O. mod\14:50 Julio 135\12:10

4:00 Tim 95\15:19 Dawn 65\15:31 Erin 65-PU\15:24 MKC 85-PU\12:11 MKR 85-PU\14:12 Jen 55-PU-LR\11:57 Vin 95\11:30 Sarah 65-PU-LR\10:47 Mrs. Reed 65-PU\14:24 Milo 75-PU\15:10

5:00 Marianne 65-PU-HKR\11:38 Shelby RX\15:50 Ade 95\14:56 John M. 75\15:06

6:00 Lynne 55-PU-K2E\14:44 Leanne 35-PU-HKR\11:20 Matt B. 135-PU;16:38 Faarooq 75-PU\15:15 Phil 75-PU\12:00 Jack 75-PU-K2E\13:03 Mike Mod\12:58 Alice 65-PU\13:39 Andre 115-HKR\12:14 Malopy Mod\12:40 Reed 95-PU\12:45 Ian 95-PU\15:05 Eric 95\15:42