OH Lunges-T2B/CF Kids-JV & Varsity/Happy BDay Mercedes & Kathy


Wednesday January 11, 2017

:-) Happy Birthday Mercedes :-) :-) Happy Birthday Kathy :-)

CF Kids: JV(6:12 years)4:10-4:45pm Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

Open Gym:6:00- 8:00pm  If Anyone wants to work on Oly-Barbell Club, John will be in to work with you.

WOD EMOM12 Odd:18 OH Lunges 45/25/15 Plates Even: 9 T2B

Skill/Strength: CrossOver Symmetry

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up then Mobility

0500 Allison v-ups-15 Melissa V-ups Cindy V-ups-25 Ray Rx Matt Rx Mike F. Rx Rachel V-ups-25 Jim V-ups-15 Maria 10

0600 Tim 25-HKR Rocky 25

0700 Katie Rx Marcia yellow shoulder pushes-black pull downs Joe Rx

0900 Beetle V-ups-45 April squats-v-ups Jackie Lifting Halle Rx

1000 Sam 15# sq-V ups Kevin Rx John Rx Eddie lifting Brett Rx Ade Rx Jack Rx Lou Rx Kristy Rx Erin 25-V ups Ed Rx Dawn 25# sq.-V ups

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