Row-Dubs-Wall Balls/TGU

Friday December 30,2016 Amended Schedule Monday January 2. No 5am or 6am. Regular schedule the remainder of the day.

WOD 1000/800 m Row 100 DUs 50 wall Balls 100 Dus 1000/800 m Row

Accessory Work: Turkish Get Ups 3 rounds 2 Reps per side Add weight each round

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up then Mobility

0500 Debbie RX 17:03 Allison S-10 18:53 Jim MOD 18:03 Mike F S-20 17:08 Ray RX 19:21

0600 Rocky S-20 Shawn MOD Cause you never leave an athlete to do a WOD by themselves!

7:00 Mercedes 10-S\16:01 Matt Rx\21:17 Jose 14-S\15:52 Shelby Rx\18:22 Cyndi 14-S\17:07 Jennay Rx\13:06 Jocelyn 14-S\15:02

9:00 Bill O 14@9ft-S\19:39 Catie 10@8ft-S\15:57 Brendan 14@9ft-S\19:16 Tim 20@9ft-DU\21:21 Meaghan 14-s\14:44\

10:00 Dave 16-DU\17:04 Sinker 20-S\15:34 Fred Rx\15:34 Lynne 14@8tf-S\18:24 Isabelle 14@8ft-S\16:50 Julia 14-S\16:23 Meagan 14-S\19:11 Dre 16-S\19:40 Ed Rx\19:58 A.J. 20-S\16:46 JMJR 20-S\17:08 Erin G 14-S\16:29 Kristy Rx\21:12 Irvin 20-S\21:58

4:00 Tim 20-S\16:23 Curtis Rx\15:50 Jeremy Rx\17:57 Ron Reed Rx\21:03 John P. 20-S\15:00 Kevin Rx\14:38 Vin Rx\17:47 Genelle 14-S\20:10 Jack P. 20-S\14:50 Lisa Rx\16:50 Erin L. 10-S\17:25

5:00 Lori Rx\15:51 Matt 20-S\13:30 Tommy 20-S\13:53

6:00 Malopy Rx\16:58 Alice 10-S\19:14