Thrusters-BJO-Row-C2B/Dub Practice/Holiday Party Tomorrow

fitness-quotesFriday December 9,2016

Holiday Party Tomorrow night!! Saturday December 10th @ 6:00pm till ??? We will be only running Boot Camp tomorrow to allow us time to prepare for the party.

WOD AMRAP18 30 Thrusters 95/65/45 30 BJ Overs 24/20/20 Step Up 30/24 Cal Row 30 C2B

Accessory Work: 300 DUs for Time *No DUs, spend 5 min working on DU skill then 3 Rounds 4 Thrusters (Choose warm up weight) 4 BJO 4 Burpees 4 Pull Ups

Warm Up: EMOM5 -Air Squats -Ring Rows -Broad Jumps -Strict Press w/ Empty Bar -In Place Inch Worms then Mobility

0500 Kate 45-20-RB---170 Mercedes 45-20-RB---162 Glenda 35-20-JPU---142 Matt 95-PU---207 Rachel 45-20-B---161 Dan RX---222 Ray RX -ish PU's 171 Tim 75-24-JPU---140 Meghan 55-20-RB---114

0600 Jennay MOD

0700 TPC 75-pull ups\147 Matt G Rx\142 Curtis Rx\205 Marcia Mod\3 rds. plus 5 Denis 95-20"- G&B\175

9:00 Sinker 75-step overs\189 Sam 45- 20" step ups- G PUs\181 Bill O 45-step overs-JPU\158 Reggie 35- 20" Step ups-G\120 Jess C. 65-R\200

10:00 Kevin 75\226 John 65\210 Louie Rx\228 Julia 45-G\208 Kristy 55 Front sq.-R\228 Metz 65-G\203 Amy 35\151

4:00 Mrs. Reed 35-PU\174 Mr. Reed 75\140 Milo 75-PU\158 Gary Lifting Eddie RX\190 Chris Rx\135 Tom 65-20"-Sit Ups\156 Vin 75\161

5:00 Mrs. Coffey 35-20" Step Up-G\188 Matt B. 75\150 Ian 75-B&R\1,647

6:00 Nick PT Ed Mod\180 Dawn 75\179 Lori 45-PU\218 Glenna 35-G\208 Julie 55-G\174 Mike Press(35)-Chest Press(R)-Pull Downs(G)\210 Lynne 35-G\135 Allie 65\147 Robbie RX\180