T2B-Power Cleans-Front Squats-Jerks/Black Wednesday No PM Sessions

black-wednesdayWednesday November 23,2016

NO CF Kids Today!!! NO Open Gym Tonight!!!

ANNOUNCEMENT!! Regrettably I am canceling The Flag Football game Thursday. I have had a lot of comments and concerns about safety and injury. We do not want to injure anyone, EVER, so instead, we are going to open the Box at 8:00 for a WOD. It'll be casual and we'll be there a couple of hours, but this does not mean to show up at 10:00-10:30. We will be gone by then.

WOD AMRAP18 10 T2B 10 Power Cleans 135/95/65 10 Front Sqauts 135/95/65 10 Jerks 135/95/65

Skill/Strength: 2 Rounds 3 T2B 3 Power Cleans 3 Front Sqauts 3 Jerks

Warm Up: EMOM5 -Bike -Burpees -Empty Bar Thrusters -Ring Rows -Russian KBS then Mobility

5:00 Jim T2B\95\152 Debbie T2B\75\175 Maria T2B\55\140 Glenda K2C\35\240 Bright T2B\95\105 Meghan T2B\75\121 Louis RX\185 Phil RX\153 Tim T2B\75\170 Jocelyn K2C\55\151

6:00 Jose K2E\95\210 Robo Cop RX\148 Victor T2B\95\150 Dan T2B\115\174

7:00 Curtis RX\162 Shelby RX\144 Sarah K2E\65\154 Katie RX\110 Mickey T2B\95\180 Rachel T2B\45\131 Denis K2C\135\138 Vin T2B\95\175 Jennay RX\175

8:00 Robbie RX\178 Matt T2B\115\129

9:00 Bill K2C\75\135 Beetle RX\163 Melissa T2B\55\161 Corinne T2B\85\171 MKR RX\116 Halle T2B\55\160 Randy T2B\115\160 Catie K2C\55\200 Andre K2E\105\165 Geri K2E\35\160 Brendan K2C\75\135 Silvio T2B\95\162 Cyndi leg raises\45\167 Jess T2B\85\170 Meaghan T2B\85\110

10:00 Jack T2B\95\164 Fred RX\214 Jackie RX\192 Allie T2B\85\162 Kevin T2B\95\210 Kristy T2B\55\180 BamBam lift