Bring A Buddy/Wall Balls-Pull Ups/T2B-L-Sit/Boot Camp

awesome-inspirational-quotes-pics_ocilw_16-e1336169510875Tuesday November 22, 2016

Bring a Buddy Open House All Day Today!!! Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

Reminder!! No PM sessions tomorrow, Wednesday November 23 NO CF KIDS/NO OPEN GYM

WOD AMRAP15 15 Wall Balls 25/20/14 10 Pull Ups/Ring Rows/Jumping PU Buy Out after AMRAP: With Med Ball From WOD, Tabata lateral Med Ball Tosses. Odd:Right side tosses Even:Left Side tosses *To our buddies and guests. All exercises, movements and weight can be modified and reduced to meet the needs of every person who works out at CFB. The coaching staff will demonstrate and assist you in learning all movements to assist in your proficiency and performance.

Accessory Work: For Time: 50 T2B** Rest 2 min Accumulate 1 min L-Sit **Visitors and guests will get a tutorial and walk through of the WOD while CFB members practice T2Bs.

Warm Up: :40 each -OH IN Place Lunges -Jumping Jacks -Push Ups -Air Squats -Plate Halos -Plate G2OH -Dive Bombers -Scap Pull Downs

5:00 Mercedes 5:35-10#-JPU\173 Coffey 2:50-RX\257 Kate 4:08-10-JPU\185 D'Bae 3:07-14\169 Jim N. 4:36-RX\179 Matt K. 5:05-20\203 Jim B. 5:55-20\140 Lou 3:12-RX\225 Rachel 4:15-14\144 Lynne 5:38-10-JPU\133 Julia 5:02-10-JPU\190 Sam 10#-JPU\190 Lisa 4:42-RX\166 Tim 5:00-20\150 Meghan 5:00-20-JPU\150

6:00 Jose 4:43-20#\200 Catie 3:21-10-RR\201 Victor 4:25-20\190 Mike 3:43-RX\190 Dan B. 3:59-RX\215 Jocelyn 4:36-14-JPU\181 Josh 4:48-RX\200 Wendell 14-JPU\125

7:00 Bill 5:31-20#-JPU\185 MKR 4:30-RX\133 Curtis 3:58-20\201 Denis 4:44-25-RR\206 K'Tae 3:56-14-RR\183 J'Nae 3:57-20-RR\183 Brendan 4:41-14-RR\200

9:00 TPC (4:15)20\187 Beetle (2:45)Rx\198 Sewnig (4:40)20\204 Bam-Bm "LIFTING" Mark (x)10-b\152 Eddie (3:12)Rx\forgot to submit a score but I'm sure it was plenty Robbie (2:53)Rx\230 Jacqui (x)10-JPU\150 Allie (3:58)20#@8Ft.\156

10:00 Kevin (3:20)20\197 Erin L. (6:29)10-Ring Rows\175 Brett (7:40)20-p\156 Genelle (5:21)14\148 Amy (4:59)10\148 Erin G. (7:00)14-JPU\180 John P. (4:20)20\177

4:00 Chris (leg raises 1:34) RX\190 Sink (3:43) 20\183 Glenna (3:38) 16-G\179 Phil (5:18) RX\164 Vin (3:46) 20\175 MKM (3:46) 14\183 Silvio (4:55) 14\204

6:00 Peter (HKR-4:50) 20-RR\200 ALice (4:44) 14-RR\ Lori (3:13) 14\218 Marianne (HKR-3:39) 14-RR\200 Ian (6:49) 25-RR\132

7:00 Sarah (5:00)14\150 Reed (4:48) 20\182 Malopy (2:00) Rx\6 rds. Jeremy (3:52) Rx\190 Matt B.(4:45) Rx\180 Eric (4:42) 20\175