Nicole/50 T2B-L Sits/Boot Camp

Tuesday November 1, 2016 Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD "Nicole" AMRAP 20 400 m Run MRE Unbroken Pull Ups* *whenever you come down from the bar you run 400 m. If using bands, when you chin no longer goes over the bar or you stall, you run. Log each round of pull ups then tally at the end.

Skill/Strength: For Time: 50 T2B

Accumulate 1 min L-Sit** **Advanced-Parallettes **Intermediate-Box/Rings, at top of dip **Novice-Hanging from bar

Warm Up: :40 each OH Lunges 25/15 Jumping jacks Push Ups Air Squats Plate Halo Plate G2OH Dive Bombers Scap Pull Downs then Shoulder Mobility

5:00 Coffey (2:26) RX\101 Mercedes (5:03) B&P\85 Kate (3:19) R&B\68 D'Bae (3:00) RX\13!!! Mel (3:30) Row-Sit Ups\398 Jim (4:14) RX\34 Matt K. (4:00) RX\47 Lynne (5:05) B&P\34 Lou (4:13) RX\90 Maria (2:53) Row-B&P\33

6:00 Victor (4:54) RX\51 Jimmy John (4:26) RX\40 Robocop (4:02) RX\75 Mike (3:27) RX\61 Geri (4:45) Green\61 Vin (4:21) RX\52

7:00 Denis (5:02) GB\63 Peter (3:40) BBP\32

9:00 John Mc(5:37)Rx\60 Nacho (7:30)g\ x Andre (6:10)Row-b&b\56 Sinker (4:31)Rx\45 Mark (technique)b\38 Jess C. (5:45)Mod.-ghdsu\ x Melissa (6:21)p&b\58

10:00 Kevin(2:32)Rx\88 Charles (3:00)Rx\109 Brendan (2:49)b\66 Eddie (x)Rx\105 Phil (6:06)Rx\50 Genelle (5:50)p&p\42 Kristy (6:14)r\82 Erin G. (6:10)g\54 Jackaaay(x)Rx\42

4:00 Metz (5:36 HKR) B\54 Jess (:30 sec!!) Rx\68

6:00 Robbie (2:35) Rx\74 Matt (4:23) R\64

7:00 Irvin (HKR-6:26) G\54 Joceyln (HKR-4:52) B\64 Kaylie (3:52) R\67