Dubs-Deads-T2B/Back Squat Heavy 1/CF Kids-Varsity/Happy BDay Erin L

happy-birthday-erin-you-are-awesome-have-a-great-dayMonday October 10,2016

:-) :-) Happy Birthday Erin L :-) :-)

"Bring a Buddy" Tomorrow all day. Let's fill this place up!!

CF Kids:Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

WOD 100 DUs then 21-15-9 Deadlifts 225/185/135 T2B

Skill/Strength: Back Squat 10x1, climb to a heavy 1 Journal data of heaviest "1" for upcoming strength session

Warm Up: 800 m Run then Group DROM & Mobility

5:00 Mercedes S-105\11:06 Glenda S-55-sit ups\11:37 Maria S-105-k2e\11:28 Mel DU-105-k2e\11:46 Ray Rx\7:32 Phil Rx\13:51

6:00 Victor DU-155\8:40 Rocky S-155-hkr\10:26 Dan B. Rx\9:21 Robo Cop Rx\7:41 Special K. DU-125\10:32 Jennay Rx\11:01

7:00 TPC DU-185\11:47 Curtis Rx\9:22 Shelby DU-135\11:41 Kathy S-75-Floor V-Ups\11:59 Vinsanity DU-185\10:09 Marcia Mod.\11:00

9:00 Andre S-185-hkr\12:29 Bill O. S-145-hkr\13:51 John Mc Rx\11:21 Kevin DU-185\7:19 Mark S-175\15:09 Alex S-185-hkr\11:49 Melissa S-65-k2e\12:34 Meaghan S-115\13:15

10:00 Jack S-155\8:26 Tony S-185\12:55 Robbie Rx\8:12 John M. S-155\14:00 Joe C. S-155\13:57 Reed S-115\13:30 Sarah S-115-hkr\8:45 Christine S-135\10:05 Kristy S-85\11:11 Nick DU-135-Sit ups\8:15 Joanna S-135-Vups\6:39 Allie DU-165\16:04

4:00 Jen M. S-115\10:49 Ms. February S-125\8:06 Lynne S-75-k2e\10:41 Julia S-105-k2e\10:53 Louis S-225\7:28 Ed Rx\9:55 Kate DU-75-k2e\10:20 Mary Kanye Collins DU-115\7:51

6:00 Lori 125\9:08 Dave RX\5:22 Matt 185\10:16 Drake 185\K2E\13:03 Jackie RX\12:56 Dawn 135\12:37

7:00 Kaylie 115\9:35 Shawn RX\6:48 Eric RX\13:18