Deads and Dubs/Mobility/CF Kids/Open Gym/Free Intro

b6cfff1fbd59d24a11d4f0a7e7bf53a9Wednesday June 8, 2016

CF Kids:Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm Open Gym:6:00-8:00pm Free Intro Session:6:00-7:00pm

WOD 5 Rounds 6 Deadlifts 275/185/135 60 DUs

Skill/Strength: Build to Deadlift workout weight then 5 Deadlifts 200 m Run

Warm Up: Dynamic Warm Up then Mobility

5:00 Meghan 135-s\12:23 Kate W 95-DU\12:14 Jim N 135-s\12:40 Maria 135-s\11:45 Jocelyn 135-s\12:09 Phil 225-s\10:37

6:00 Mike M Rx 9:45 Dan B Rx 9:37 Juliette 75-s\11:46 Matt G 225 from blocks-s\11:28

7:00 Beetle 225-DU\12:22 Joe V 225-DU\10:49 Curtis Rx 8:52 Brett Rx 10:23 Kathy 75-s\10:43 Jennay Rx 6:31

9:00 Angie 140-s\13:47 Corinne 165-s\9:43 Erin 105-20 cal row\13:04 Old Style 85-s\14:20 Mike A 210-s\16:01 Sophie 175-s\15:29 Anthony 275-s\15:05 Milo 185-s\10:31 Eddie Rx 7:59

10:00 Mickey Mouse 275-s\15:02 Andre 185-s\10:45 Bill O 155-s\15:53 Sam 145-s\12:10 MKC Rx 10:53 Ethan Rx 7:04 Kevin Rx 8:23