EMOMs/Strict Pull Ups/Boot Camp

Ali quoteTuesday June 7, 2016

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD EMOMx16 4 rounds of: Minute 1: 15/12 Cal Row Minute 2: 15 Wallballs 20/14/10 Minute 3: 10 Power Snatch 95/65/45 Minute 4: 10 HSPU

Skill/Strength: 50 STRICT Pull Ups-For Time

We are going to start a new program where for the next 6 weeks we will perform 50 STRICT pull ups for time. For many of us we will need to start this progression with bands. We want you to journal what bands are used throughout the program and decrease band usage over the 6 weeks. The work will be "for time" so we as coaches will be posting on the board time to complete this exercise, but we would like for you to journal the times also. The purpose of this drill is to help us all become more proficient in strict work while increasing our gymnastics strength to achieve muscle ups, bar muscle ups, handstand push ups and string together better kipping pullups and C2B. Much like the success of a 12 week barbell strength cycle, I am looking forward to see how this program helps increase our gymnastics strength.

Warm Up: 800 m Run then Group Dynamic Warm Up

5:00 Mercedes (R&R-6:11)10/45/Box/188 Kate (B-6:32) 14/35/Box/135 Chuck (RX-6:29) 16/75/2AM/170 Meghan (B&R-6:44)14/45/Box/188 Gary (G-7:11) 20/95/1AM/174 Anne (B&R-3:56) 14/35/2AM/144 Jim (G&B-4:45) 20/75/Box/193 Lisa (B&R-5:34) 14/65/Box/184 Glenna (B&B-6:44) 14/35/Box/14/35/Box/188

6:00 Victor (R&B-3:50) 20/75/Box/185 Dan (R&B-4:46) RX/192 Michelle (G&B-4:35) 10/35/Box/176 Tim (B&R-5:55) 20/95/2AM/173 Kathy (B&R-5:46) 10/35/PU/159

7:00 Jennay (G-6:23) 14/65/GHD/188 Bill (B-6:28) 14/65/Box/151 Joe (G-5:02) 20/85/Box/200 Curtis (RX-7:01) RX/200 Shelby (G-6:34) 14/55/2AM/ Maria (Bl. 7:33) 10/45/Box/188 Maria's Mom (Bl. 7:34) Mod/187 Jose (B 6:19) 16/85/Box/175 Matt G. (R 6:40) Air Sq./95/Box/200 Rachel (B&P 5:24) 14/45/Box/176 Dan S. (R&B 6:50) 20/95/Box/170 Christopher (Rainbow-7:20) 20/95/Box/200

9:00 Beetle (Rx 7:48)Rx/178 Eddie (Rx 5:59)Rx+25#/167 John Mc (p+b 6:26)20/95/1AM/165 E-Money (Rx 5:52)Rx+25#/? Sinker (b 7:24)20/95/1AM/161 Dan (b 9:26)14/75/box/180 Mickey Mouse (b 6:20)20/95/box/173 Mark (b 6:38)14/55/box/176 Mike A. (G 9:40)14/65/pushups/175 Bill (Bl. ?)14/55/box/? Ms. February (R 7:21)10/45/2AM/188 Jess C. (r+b 8:38)14/55/box/184 Meaghan (r 10:22)10/55/box/174 Jackie G. (Bl. 9:10)10@8Ft./35/pushups/144

10:00 MKC (b 5:27)14/65/2AM/? Brittany (G 8:45)10/15/pushups/? Amy (p+b 6:07)10/45/2AM/141 Sarah (G 5:44)14/55/box/188 Mo (G 8:38)2/15/pushups/? Joe K. (b 6:30)10/45/pushups/153 Jake (b 9:50)14/45/pushups/190 Ed (b 5:14)16/75/box/200 Randy (Rx 6:09)20/75/box/182

4:00 Chris E. (b 6:15)20-95-2AM 200 Coffey (r 5:19)Rx 175 Adrian (Rx 6:12)20-95-box 197 Josh (b 6:59)20-95-2AM 179 Marianne (G 6:13)`14-45-box 181 Jen M. (p r 8:03)14-65-box 176 Reed (r b 8:20)14-55-2AM 148 Jail (r 7:32)14-65-2AM 176 Kate Z. (g 8:04)14-65-box 169 Juliette (b g 3:58)10-45#HPC pushups 186

6:00 Joanna (B 8:40) Allie (R 8:04) 1AM-146 Donna (GB 3:09) 35box-60 Steve (Ring Rows 3:35) 10-box-131 Matt (R 8:27) 75-box-154 Malopy (Rx 4:02) Rx-200 Dave (Rx 2:55) Rx plus 25-200 Sergio (Rx 4:24) 65-145 Harley (Rx 5:00) Rx-143 Robbie (Rx 6:11) Rx-170


Debbae (R squared 3:29) 55-box- 178 Kaylie (BP 5:10)55-2am- 200 Ash (R 5:48) 20 lbs - banded hspu - 200 Dawn (B 5:06) 55-1am-138 Erik (Rx 11;07) box-153 Matt (BR 4:15) box- 164