Kelly/Best of Luck hollyWood

Best of Luck Erik on your move and beginning of a new career. You will be missed. Friday June 3 2016

WOD "Kelly" 5 Rounds 400 m Run 30 Box Jumps 24/20/20 Step up 30 Wall balls 20/14/10

Skill/Strength: WOD Prep 2 Rounds 100 m Run 5 Box Jumps 5 Wall Balls

Warm Up: 2 Laps,around rig, High Knee Skips 1 Lap Butt Kicks -Line Up Lateral Shuffle up and back x2 Lateral Banded Walks, up and back -Up, band around ankle/back, band above knees. High Leg Kicks, to turf Floor Touches, back to whiteboard Bear Walk, to turf Broad Jump, to whiteboard Duck Walk, to turf Backwards Crab Walk, to Whiteboard then Mobility for Running/Squatting

5:00 Mercedes 10/38:24 Maria 10/39:29 Kate 10/33;50 Jocelyn Rx/36:25 Lisa Rx/36:46 Megan Rx/41:15 Jim N Rx/30:29 Phil Rx/35:54 Chuck 16/38:51

6:00 Vin Rx/32:57 Rachel 20StepUp/32:14

7:00 Joe V Rx 28:41 TPC Rx 34:42 Shelby Rx 33:36 Curtis Rx 31:40 Jennay Rx 36:01

9:00 Bill O 16' step ups-14/37:01 Tim M Rx 35:01 Danny 20"-14/33:31 Corinne Rx 38:11 Sarah Arrrr Rx 32:49 Milo Rx 34:46 Eddie Rx 27:08 Erin 20"-14 to 8 ft/36:06

10:00 Brett Rx 39:18 Glenna Rx 38:49 Ethan Rx 27:10 Dawn Rx 37:00 with a 1 min bathroom break and an empty stomach Alyssa 20"-10/27:08 Kevin Rx 30:19 Ed O 20" step ups/33:14 Robbie Rx 27:00

4:00 Kate RX/47:06 Mrs. Reed RX/44:28 Mr. Reed 20"/16/38:54 Jeremy RX/33:57 Sinker 24" step-up/20/41:18 Jen M. RX/41:28 Adrian RX/35:38 Genelle RX/44:32 Lynne 20/10/43:30 Julia 20/10/38:06 Isabelle 18/10/33:19

5:00 Ian RX/38:36 Mary Mod/23:55 Geri Mod/22:51

6:00 MKR RX/39:05 MKC RX/32:57 Matt B. RX/32:05 Alice 20"/10/32:55 Kaylie RX/34:32 Malopy Mod/27:55 Allie RX/......