Team WOD/Open Gym/Free Intro Session

Murph-Instagram-Facebook-612x612Saturday May 28, 2016

Reminder: Murph-Monday May 30, Heats run every hour, 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am. BBQ to follow.

Notice:Public screening of "Murph-The Protector" has been cancelled for Sunday. However, you can watch it on your own by clicking here.

Open Gym:8:00-9:30am Team WOD:9:30-10:45am Free Intro:11:00-12:00pm

WOD Teams of 4 AMRAP 30 100 m Sled Drags 95/70 OHS 95/65/45 C2B HSPU

While 1 member pulls sled 100 m, the remaining team members will perform as many reps as possible until sled returns. Upon return of sled, teams will rotate through the exercises until 30 minutes is reached.

Skill/Strength: 12 min Team Snatch Establish a heavy 1, combined team score

Warm Up: Group Warm Up