Row-Run/Thunderstruck/Murph Day Monday

Friday May 27, 2016 Reminder: Murph-Monday May 30, Heats run every hour, 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am. BBQ to follow.

Notice:Public screening of "Murph-The Protector" has been cancelled for Sunday. However, you can watch it on your own by clicking here.

WOD 3 Rounds 1,000m Row 800m Run 3 minute Rest between Rounds.

Skill/Strength: "Thunderstruck" Burpees

Warm Up: 2 Laps,around rig, High Knee Skips 1 Lap Butt Kicks -Line Up Lateral Shuffle up and back x2 High Leg Kicks, to turf Floor Touches, back to whiteboard Bear Walk, to turf Broad Jump, to whiteboard Duck Walk, to turf Backwards Crab Walk, to Whiteboard then Mobility for Running

5:00 Mercedes Rx/36:01 Debbae Rx/34:17 Meghan Rx/36:31 Chuck Rx+Vest/36:51 Ray Rx/30:00 Phil Rx/32:49

6:00 Katie Rx/34:14 Jocelyn Rx/34:40 Tim M Rx/30:07 Tim G/34:59 Jose Rx/33:56 Josh Rx/32:21 Erik Rx/30:41

7:00 Joe V Rx 29:55 Curtis Rx 31:36

9:00 Randy A Murph 56:44 Corinne Rx 37:00 Sarah Arrrr Rx 36:55 Erin Rx 34:15 John L Rx 39:26 Ethan Rx 30:38 Homer Rx 31:56 Genelle Rx 41:01 Eddie Murph 39:37 Sophie Rx 40:38 Anthony Rx 32:27

10:00 Old Style Rx 40:28 Mike A Rx 39:15 Melissa T Rx 38:03 Ed O Rx 35:30 Kavin Murph 54:32

4:00 Jail Murph/RX+(Vest)/1:03:42 Chris Murph/RX+(Vest)/ 56:06 Sinker RX/36:41 Jen M.RX/37:37

5:00 Bill RX/40:17 Glenna RX/35:17 Ashley RX with RX Grace between rounds/33:34 Matt B. RX/31:34 Julie G. Lifting

6:00 Silvio RX/ 23:18 (2 Rounds) Barbara RX/31:55 Kaylie RX/33:08 Malopy Something Else- "Resting for Murph" Mary Mod/28:05 Julie G.- Still. Lifting.