Deads-Row/1RM Front Squat/Sox Game Tonight

Friday May 20, 2016 Sox Game Tonight!!! Patio Party 5:40pm/Game Time 7:10pm The Bus will arrive at CFB at 4:30. We will leave CFB at 4:45-4:50 to arrive at US Cellular by 5:40pm. If you do not have your ticket before the game and you don't ride the bus with us, the entrance for the patio is Gate 1. Email me ( and I will come out to greet you and give you your tickets. Or if you get there before us wait by Gate 1 to meet us.

The bus will bring us back to CFB after fireworks. Anyone meeting us at the stadium can ride the bus back with us. Cost to ride is $10 and that includes tip for the driver.

If you have not paid but reserved a spot, please bring cash or check when you retrieve your ticket. If you can not/decide not to attend, sell your ticket to someone at the box who wants/needs one. If you are a "no show" and you reserved a ticket and have not paid yet nor sold your ticket, we will need to charge you for the ticket as we have already fronted the money for the seats.

WOD 21-15-9 Deadlifts 225/155 30/22 cal Row

Skill/Strength: Re-Test 1RM Front Squat, climbing Climb to your max weight. As you get close to max, rest 90 sec-2 min per lift. Failure and dumping the bar is ok!! You won't know if you are at your max if you don't push to that limit. The increases in load over the last 12 weeks has been impressive. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your hard work.

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up :30 eachx2 -Hip Opening -Samson Lunges -Jumping Jacks -In Place Inch Worms -Jumping Squats Mobility for Squat and Front Rack

5:00 Mercedes 125 Back/105/8:47 Debbae - /115/9:17 Lynne 95PR/85/10:02 Julia 135PR/105/8:48 Kate 110PR/95/9:48 Jim 200PR/150/9:44 Jim B 225PR/Rx/11:53 Matt K 225PR/Rx/8:26 Ray 215PR/Rx/7:27 Matt C 205PR/Rx/11:58 Lisa 115PR/9:52

6:00 Katie 155/115/8:12 Josh 405PR/Rx/9:37 Mike M 225PR/ Rx/8:54 Dan 235PR/ Rx/7:24 Erik 240PR/ Rx/9:02 Vin 185/185/9:30 Tim G 275PR/Rx/10:14

7:00 TPC 230PR!/185-9:25 Joe V 255PR!/185-7:23 Will 215PR!/185-9:36 Nacho 305/Rx 9:00 Jennay 200PR!/Rx 7:02

9:00 Angie 130PR!/105-7:59 Beetle 265PR!/Rx-7:11 Sinker 245/185-10:19 Melissa 110PR!/85-8:13 Mimi 105PR!/85-8:15 Mike A 260PR!/135-9:34 Jackie G 120PR!/55-8:26 Erin 135PR!/55-7:00 John L 195PR!/135-9:16 Jess C 150PR!/115-7:52 Randy A 245PR!/185-7:23 Eddie 265PR!/185-7:47 Brett 185PR!/185-7:27

10:00 Ed O 305PR!/Rx 8:09 MKC 155PR!/125-7:34 Genelle 155PR!/125-9:10 Ethan 320PR!/Rx 8:25

4:00 Kate 150 PR/ RX/10:35 Mrs. Reed 130 PR/ 130/10:52 Mr. Reed 215 PR/ RX/11:21 Adrian 245 PR/ RX/9:12 Gary 406 PR/ RX/8:02

5:00 Julie G. 125/ 135/ 9:25

6:00 Matt B. 215 PR/ RX/ 16:25 Malopy 275/ RX/ 9:12