Tabata Mash Up/Handstands and BMU/Boot Camp

resultsTuesday May 10, 2016

Boot Camp:5:00-6:00pm

WOD Tabata (32 Rounds) Push Ups DUs Ring Dips Cal Row

Skill/Strength: EMOMx10 Odd:35 sec Handstand Hold *Focus on active shoulder and tight belly/midline. Full lock out as if you were holding a barbell overhead. Even:3-5 Bar Muscle Ups *If you jump from a box, reduce box height through the 5 rounds. Don't worry about successful reps but work on pull and turn over.

Warm Up: :40 each -Jumping Jacks -In Place Inch Worms -Jumping Lunges -Box Bear Walks -Air Squats -Mountain Climbers -Dive Bombers -Burpees

5:00 Kate D-BL/228 Mercedes D-BL/195 Anne D-BL/152 Gary Mata/272 Will S/185 Meghan S-BL/210 Mel D-BL/245 Ray RX/266

6:00 Tim M. Purp/165 Katie RX/295 Dan RX/404 Kathy S-Ring Rows/228 Tim G. RX/183 Victor RX/181

7:00 Shawn RX/ 440 Matt G. RX/ 2433 Joe S/252 TPC RX/350 Curtis Mod/200 Jenny RX++/ 7,000,000 Phil RX/276

9:00 John Mc DU-purp/272 Genelle s-b/216 Mike A. s-g/205 Jackie G. s-parallete dips/152

10:00 Ed Rx/305 E-Money Rx/336 Jail DU-g/276 Kevin Rx/376 Sam B. s-parallete dips/220 Dawn DU-dips/209 Amy s-purp/229 Kristy s-g/206 Rowling s-g/185 Mr. Kool Aid s-parallete dips/198

4:00 Kate Z. s/parallete dips/262 Jen M. DU-b/206 Rachel s-r/252 Reed DU-purp/152 Bill O. s-parallete dips/193 Ron DU-g/216 Leggings DU-Mod. Air Skwatz/SO MANY!!!!! Sinker s-Ring Dips/261 Beetle Rx+Vest (during Pushups)/295

6:00 DEBBAE Ring rows 241 EmmmmKaaayyyy R/306 Alice S-266 Anthony S 251 Greg S/R/ 326 Vin Rx/337 Joshua P/334 Adrian Rx/343 Matt B S//R/315

7:00 Kaylie S/B/ 241 Allie B dips/200 Eric B Rx/125 Brett Rx/290 Drake S/G/ 207 Malopy Rx Dave Rx 310