Squat-C2B-BJ Overs/Front Squat/NO CF Kids Today

MondayMonday May 9, 2016


WOD 21-15-9 Goblet Squats 70/53/35 C2B Box Jump Overs 24/20/20 step over

Skill/Strength: Front Squat 4x10 across Work at 75% of Friday May 6 weight. *We are coming to the end of this cycle. We will test 1RM Front Squat Friday May 20.

Warm Up: 400 m Group Run then :60 each Scap Pull Downs GHD/Abmat Sit Ups Tire Sledges Jumping Lunges Push Ups then Mobility

5:00 Mercedes 35-G+R-20"/9:40 Kate 27-B-20"/10:29 Debbie 27-PU-20"/9:24 Maria 27-R+B-20" step ups/10:26 Adrian Rx 11:35 Felipe Rx 11:14 Jim N 35-R+B-24"/10:03 Lisa 35-PU-20"/10:11 Rachel 44-R(PU)-20"/12:01

6:00 Victor 53-PU-24" step ups/9:27 Special K 53-PU-20" step ups/9:57 Tim G 70-C2B-24" step ups/10:08 Michelle 20-R+G-16" step ups/9:30 Kathy 35-B(PU)-20"/10:49 Vin 53-C2B-24"/8:35

7:00 TPC Rx 12:03 Joe V 70-PU-24"/9:55 Shawn S Rx 9:02 Curtis Rx 8:14 Meaghan Rx 17:04 Melissa 35-B+P(PU)-20"/11:56 Jennay Rx 11:16

9:00 John Mc RX 9:56 Beetle RX 8:46 Angie 55/band/20" step ups/ 11:49 Andre 44/push ups/24"/9:19 Taylor 53/8:36 Corinne RX/11:10 Dan 70/PU/20"/11:57 Randy RX/11:40 Chris RX/10:19

10:00 Kevin RX/8:01 MKC RX/9:14 Joanna 35/PU/10:48 Ed 70/16" step ups/9:01 Genelle 53/band/11:22 Bill 35/JPU/16" step ups/12:00 John 35/20"/9:57 Erin 20/band/10:30 Eddie RX/7:00 Kristy 35/band/9:24

4:00 Sink RX/12:41 Ethan RX/8:27 Jen RX/11:14 Ron 53/ring row/24" Bam Bam 70/ring row/24" Jeremy RX/8:30

6:00 Jen 55 BS/20"/11:13 Josh RX/11:35 Greg 44/Band/16"/9:00 Lori RX+44/10:15 Steve 27/ring row/20"steps/12:09 Donna 27/band/20"/11:11 Ian 62/band/24"/11:46 Shelby 53/PU/20"/10:29 Jim RX/11:00 Jackie 53/push up/20"/11:47

7:00 Malopy RX/6:46 Matt RX/13:55 Sarah 44/band/20"/7:55 Allie 53/PU/20"/11:51 Eric RX/13:52