Rest/Open Gym/CF Kids-JV/Happy BDay Jail

rest+4Sunday April 10, 2016

***Happy Birthday Jail***

Open Gym:9:00-11:00am

CF Kids:JV(6-12 years)11:00-11:35am


News/Notes: For those of you who have the competition bug, I have signed the Box up as a community for the 2016 Granite Games in St Cloud Minnesota Sept 9-11. There will be an online qualifying event beginning June 9-July 4, Registration is $25. There will be 4 WODs (1 per week, much like the Open) to establish qualifications. The main event September 9-11 has multiple categories to include all athletes. Elite, Masters (35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+) and Teens (14-18) There will also be Team events (Team of 4 2 Girls, 2 Guys-Rx, Intermediate, and Scaled.) (Teams of 3-Same Gender-Rx, Intermediate and Scaled) It is a great event at a great venue. It is very well run and there will be celebrity CrossFit athletes warming up and working out right next to you. IF you are interested you can sign up and select the community "South Side Average Joes by clicking here, or speak with me and we to discuss opportunities in more detail. Signing up for the online qualifier is a great reason to keep the intensity of your training up. I for one am looking forward to it. If you'd like more info, click here for details.

We are working on the Summer social calendar. A few events we are working on but looking for feedback. Please reply in "comments" -Mid Day Golf Outing. -Adult Gymnastics at Morgan Park Gymnastics Center. Open Gym every Friday from 8:00-9:30pm. $10 -Whirley Ball -Saturday Team Swim WOD at Alsip Pool -White Sox outing. We are looking at Friday May 20th against Kansas City with fireworks. I will post a sign up sheet in the lobby. If we get enough interest we will order tickets like last year. Pre game food and beer under the bleachers and a bus for transport.

Save the date for the Third Annual CFB Pool Party at Beetle and Angie's Tiki hut. Saturday June 25. Mark it in your calendar. This will be a PM event so for those going to Sayer Park to cheer our competitors we hope you can come out and share the moments from the afternoon. More info as we get closer.

For those who have taken a shine to Olympic Lifting, there are a few events coming up that we can get you trained for and get you involved. If you are interested email me at and we can set you up with a training program which will prep you for any upcoming meets. -June 25 @ Sayre Park Summer Open -September 10@ CrossFit Construct, Chicago Open -September 11@ CrossFit Alpha Dog Meet

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