PWR Cleans-HSPU-Ring Dips/Shoulder Taps-Ring Dips/Boot Camp/Happy BDay Mark & Alice

Tuesday March 29, 2016 ***Happy Birthday Mark*** ***Happy Birthday Alice***

Boot Camp w/ Jess:5:00-6:00pm

WOD 15-10-5: Power Clean, 135/105/80 HSPU Directly into... 15-10-5: Hang Power Clean, 135/105/80 Ring Dip

Skill/Strength: EMOMx5 10 Shoulder Taps *If you can not do traditional Shoulder Taps, Wall Walk and try facing wall. #If you can't go upside down, Set Up on Box as if doing modified HSPU and do Shoulder taps.

Ring Dips 5x10

5:00 Mercedes Mod/RX/8:27 Ray 135#/Box/10:21 Mel 105#/Push ups/13:20

6:00 Erik RX/12:29 Mike RX/10:28 Vin 115#/2AM/12:02 TPC 135#/115#/17:28 (Endurance Training!)

7:00 Curtis RX/10:07 Joe V. Rowing Tim 115#/1AM/12:26 Jose 95/Box/9:01 Jenny 105/2AM/11:39 Phil 135/Box/11:54

9:00 Beetle Rx/11:57 John Mc 135/1AM/red/15:07 Mark K. 85/box/pushups/14:47 Ms. February 85/1AM/purple/11:31 Jess C. 80/box/blue/12:34 MiMi 55/box/blue/13:34 Meaghan 105/box/purple/17:29

10:00 Ed 135/Mod. wall hspu/12:00 Kevin Rx/10:59 Jerome 135/1AM/12:16 Sam B. 80/pushups/12:51 Fred Rx/9:42

4:00 Chris E. 135/2AM/Mod. Ring Dips/13:05 Ron 135/box/blue/12:41 Sinker 115/1AM/15:17 Reed 85/2AM/pushups/13:34 Barb 85/box/blue/15:16 Kate Z. 85/b0x/pushups/10:29 Jen M. 85/box/pushups/10:05 Geri 45/box/12:16 Julia 55/box/pushups/11:46 Lynne 55/box/pushups/12:34 Adrian 135/box/Ring Dips/12:41 Felipe Rx/14:10 Leggings Mod. Deadlifts/pushups/burpees/8:45

6:00 EmmKaay 2AM/Pushups/15:13 Dawn 85/1AM/16:41 Erin 35/Box hspu and dips/11:17 Donna  45/ box hspu and dips/11:15 Andre 75/Box/ pushups/ 8:35 Greg 75/ box hspu and dips/ 9"23 Ian 105/box/ 15:33 Jim 95/box/push ups/12:30 Soloman 65/box/pushups/12:34 Dave May Rx/8:20 Malopy 95/9:35

7:00 Nick K 115/box/ring dips/12:45 Erik 135/box hspu and dips/18:11 Nick R 115/box hspu and dips/18:11 Brett 135/box hspu and dips/16:10