PWR Snatch-HSPU/Snatch Balance-Front Squat/Boot Camp/16.5 Announcement

crossfit-open-16.5Thursday March 24, 2016

Boot Camp with Shawn:5:00-6:00pm

16.5 Announcement. Join us in the lobby at 7:00pm for the final live announcement of the 2016 CrossFit Games Open. Watch Rich Froning, Mat Fraser, and Ben Smith compete at the CrossFit Ranch and find out what your last workout of 2016 will be.

WOD AMRAPx8 15 Power Snatch 75/55/35 5 HSPU count in reps not rounds

Skill/Strength: Snatch Balance 5x3 climbing

Front Squat 10x1 Add 5# to March 17 load

Warm Up: :40 each x2 Rounds With an empty Barbell -High Hang Muscle Snatch(No hip extension-Just strict pull overhead) -Push Press -OHS -Back Squat then Mobility

5:00 Mercedes Mod./82 Kate 35/box/65 Glenna 35/box/93 Lynne 35/box/74 Mel 55/3AM/65 Meghan 55/box/64 Meaghan 55/box/61 Leggings 55# Thrusters/85 Felipe Rx/71 Adrian 75/35# KB Strict Press/80

6:00 Jose El Chapo 65/box/80 Pinche Tim 75/1AM/64 Matt G. 75/2AM/80 hollyWood Rx/83 Vinsanity 75/2AM/78 Special K. 55/1AM+Plate/90 Josh Rx/65 Kathy 35/hrpu/62

7:00 Thee People's Coach Rx/53 Shawn 75/1AM/87 Joe V. Rowing Curtis Rx/95 Shelby 55/2AM/55 Jennay 55/2AM/83

9:00 Beetle RX/96 Angie 55/Box/63 Dan S. 75/Box/86 Milo 75/Box/65 John Mc. 75/1 AM/78 Mimi 35/Box/ 60 Christopher 75/1 AM/92 Christy 55/Box/72 Sophie 55/Box/80 Anthony 75/Box/80

10:00 Ethan RX/95 Julia 45/Box/75 Ed RX/100 Jackie 55/1 M/39

4:00 Chris E. 75/2AM/80 Miller Time 75/box/95 Sam B. 45/pushups/62 Tony 75/1AM/65 Bam-Bam Rx/75 Sinker Rx/57 Ron 75/2AM/55 Kate Z. 55/box/75 Geri 30/box/75 Dan MC 65/2AM/77

6:00 Steve 75/1AM/80 Dawn 55/1AM/63 Dre 75/Box/86

7:00 Dave RX 125 Steve R 35 Box 35 Ian 75 Box 41 Matt 75 Box 81 Brett 75 Box 80