Chipper/CF Kids-JV & Varsity/Open Gym-Free Intro

motivational-monday-6Wednesday March 16, 2016

we will be participating in "Workout to Wipeout Domestic Violence" next Saturday March 19. While this will be a regular day of heats for 16.4 at the Box, we ask that you please consider donating $25 to this worthy cause. WOTWO T-Shirts will also be available for $15. We are proud to be participating in this the 5th year of the event. You can pre-register and make a donation on line by clicking here, or bring a generous donation Saturday. A New Direction Beverly Morgan Park (AND) was founded in 2011 by a grassroots group of community members and other professionals who saw a need–the need to help women and children in the Beverly/Morgan Park community who are victims of domestic violence. These individuals felt it was no longer acceptable to let this issue stand unaddressed in our community.

CF Kids:JV(6-12 years)4:10-4:45pm Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

Open Gym:6:00-8:00pm Free Intro:6:00-7:00pm

WOD 50/40 Calorie Row 40 Deads, 155/115/85 30 Box Jumps, 24/20/20 step ups 20 Jerks, 155/115/85 10 BMU

Skill/Strength: EMOMx6 Min 1:30 Lateral Stick Jumps Min 2:10 Air Squats+5 C2B Min 3:10 Burpees

Warm Up: 500 m Row then Mobility

5:00 Mercedes 53Kb-20-20#-SU/ 9:37 Chuck 115-24-JBMU/ 17:37 Rich 115-20-BPU/ 12:47 Matt K 155-24-135-BPU/ 12:30 Debbie 75-20-BPU/ 10:53 Julia 85-20-JBMU/ 13:36 Lynne 75-19-BPU/ 14:39 Phil 155-24-BPU/ 12:21 Ray 165-24-115-JBMU/ 10:33 Maria 85-20SU-65-BPU/ 15:09 Mel 105-20-BPU/ 15:09 Vin 115-24-BPU/ 12:59

6:00 Josh 155-24-BPU/ 14:48 Craig 155-24-BPU/ 13:48 Mike M RX/ 14:37 Juliette 65-16SU-35-BPU/ 10:46 Matt G 155-24-JBMU/ 17:09

7:00 Joe V Row/ got a booboo Shawn S 155-24-JBMU/ 12:41 Felipe 155-24-135-JBMU/ 14:59 Melissa T 85-20-55-BPU/ 14:49 Will 145-24-125-JBMU/ 15:30

9:00 Muscle Up Maroney 115-20-85-JBMU/20:07 Corinne 115-20-85-JBMU/13:01 Randy A 145-24-95-JBMU/12:08 +First BMU!!! :-) Genelle 115-20-75-BPU/14:52

10:00 Ed O 155-24-Blue BMU/16:53 MKC 115-20-85-JBMU/14:00 Ethan Rx 10:05 John MC 155-24-JBMU/13:04