BJs-T2B-Cal Row/Snatch Balance-Front Squat/Boot Camp

image28Thursday March 10, 2016

Boot Camp with Shawn:5:00-6:00pm

We will NOT be programming "Jackie" in a daily WOD. For those in the Nutrition Challenge, please find time to get it done by end of day today and submit results to me. I will need original score and new score. Also I will need all results from Body Comp Test, original and new score from today/tonight.

We have come up with a scoring system for each individual athlete. We will then take the numbers which correspond with % change in Body Mass change and "Jackie" time change and tally a team score. The team attendance score will be tea average weekly attendance which we have been posting throughout. This is to level the field for the 2 teams which have 5 members. Pt system suggestion % difference .1% -5% 1 5.1%-10% 2 10.1%- 15% 3 15.1%-20% 4 20.1% + 5 We will then separate each category; Attendance, Jackie, Body Mass and score each on a point system of 1-10 (10 for 10 teams) with 30 being the highest score possible. So, a team which consistently comes in 5th place in all three categories can will the whole event on points. So, although you may not have high marks on attendance, you can make up a lot if you followed your nutrition and if you shave time on your "Jackie' workout.

The Box will be CLOSED this Sunday March 13 for South Side Irish Parade. For those who were thinking about coming in Sunday for 16.3 please note this change. Please plan to perform the workout Friday or Saturday, thanks.

WOD EMOMx15 (all MRE) Min 1: Box Jumps Min 2: T2B Min 3: Cal Row

Skill/Strength: Snatch Balance 5x3, climbing

Front Squat 10x1 Add 5# to March 3 load

Warm Up: Group Dynamic Warm Up

5:00 Mercedes Mod. V-Ups/186 Kate k2e/164 Mel Rx/159 Jen P. -Jackie R+B/10:15 Meghan Rx/150 Chuck Rx/159 Phil Rx/175 Ray Rx/201

6:00 Victor Rx/144 hollyWood Rx/211 Vinsanity Rx/182 Joe El Chapo Rx/192 Michelle 18/Leg Raises/224 Kathy -Jackie R+R/12:55 Special K. Rx/184

7:00 Thee People's Coach Rx/ 192 Joe V.-Jackie R/9:52 MAtt G. Rx/177 Curtis Rx/225 Shawn Rx/216 Jennay Rx/193

9:00 Beetle RX/242 John Mc. Jackie/8:07 Anne RX/185 Jess C. K2E/204 Corinne RX/186 Tim RX/184 Genelle RX/150

10:00 MKC Jackie/10:28 (10:54) Randall RX/ 184 Ed Jackie/ 7:53 (8:01) MKR Jackie/ 10:21 (12:39) Eddie RX/235 Ethan RX/250 Amy RX/163

4:00 Kate Z 20"-HKR/115 Sinker Jackie/9:55 (11:40) Miller Time 24" step ups/145 Felipe Rx/ 192 Glenna Rx/180 Tommy Rx/ 199 Kevin Rx/249 Rachel L Rx/ 205 Tony Rx/ 154 Tom K 20" step ups/124 Nacho Bel Grande Rx 201

6:00 Maria step ups 150 Debbie RX 220 Greg 20/k2e 172 Ian 24/k2e 193 Will k2e 162 Alice RX 185 Matt RX 208 Meaghan Lifting

7:00 Robbie RX 230 Allison RX 191 Eric RX 169 Kaylie RX 171 Nick RX 132 Jcohn Jackie 15:04 Dre 20/K2E 202 Angie Rowing Steve JACKIE 9:55 Donna JACKIE 8:50