Deads-Wall Balls-Dubs/No CF Kids Today/Hydrostatic Testing Tonight

FitnessWednesday March 9, 2016

NO CF Kids Today

Gold Standard Hydrostatic Testing:2:00-8:00pm

Open Gym:3:30-8:00pm Note Early Open Gym Time.

We will NOT be programming "Jackie" in a daily WOD. For those in the Nutrition Challenge, please find time to get it done by Thursday and submit results to me. Wednesday Open Gym would be a great time to do it. The Dunk Tank Truck will be here all afternoon today starting at 2:00pm. The Box will be open all afternoon after 3:30, so come in anytime and get your "Jackie" in. I will need original score and new score. Also I will need all results from Body Comp Test, original and new score from today/tonight.

We have come up with a scoring system for each individual athlete. We will then take the numbers which correspond with % change in Body Mass change and "Jackie" time change and tally a team score. The team attendance score will be tea average weekly attendance which we have been posting throughout. This is to level the field for the 2 teams which have 5 members. Pt system suggestion % difference .1% -5% 1 5.1%-10% 2 10.1%- 15% 3 15.1%-20% 4 20.1% + 5 We will then separate each category; Attendance, Jackie, Body Mass and score each on a point system of 1-10 (10 for 10 teams) with 30 being the highest score possible. So, a team which consistently comes in 5th place in all three categories can will the whole event on points. So, although you may not have high marks on attendance, you can make up a lot if you followed your nutrition and if you shave time on your "Jackie' workout.

The Box will be CLOSED this Sunday March 13 for South Side Irish Parade. For those who were thinking about coming in Sunday for 16.3 please note this change. Please plan to perform the workout Friday or Saturday, thanks.

WOD 3 Rounds 15 Dead Lift 185/135/95 30 Wall Balls, 20/14/10 60 Double unders (180 Singles)

Skill/Strength: EMOMx6 Odd:24 Lateral Stick Hops Even:12 Air Squats+8 Push Ups

Warm Up: 1000 m Row then Group DROM/Mobility

5:00 Mercedes Jackie 6:20 (9:36 previous) Meaghan 135-14-S/19:30 Rich 155-16-DU/13:27 Maria 95-10-S/14:11 Debbie 135-Med ball Cleans-DU/14:55 Glenna 95-14-S/13:57 Julia 95-10-S/14:00 Lynne 55-10-S/14:30 Dan S 165-20-S/16:15 Phil Rx 15:12 Jocelyn 95-10-S/13:53 Meghan W Jackie 10:25

6:00 Mike M Rx 11:19 Tim M 135-20-S/12:58 Dan B Rx 9:57 Juliette 85-10-S/13:38 Matt G Rx 16:28 Josh 185-20 to 9ft-DU/14:40 Vin Rx 15:29 Michelle 85-10-S/ 17:44

7:00 Joe V 155-20-S/11:57 Brett Rx 15:19 Shawn S Rx 10:57 Special K 5K Row Jennay Rx 10:50 Mike S 135-16-S/12:22

9:00 Randy A 185-20-S/13:22 Christy Jackie 10:32 (11:12) Tim G 185-20-S/13:17 Nacho Bel Grande Jackie 7:36 (9:41) Ethan Rx 9:19 Mark 135-10-S/19:01

10:00 MKC 135-Med Ball Cleans-DU/13:22 Kevin Rx 11:59 Sam B 135-10-S/15:08 Dawn 95-14-DU/ 15:38 Ron 135-14-S/13:50 Kristy 65-10-S/13:42

Open Gym "Jackie" Marianne 9:24 Dan Miller 10:03 Shawn 7:43 Tim 8:47 Jen 10:56 Sarah 11:30 Ron 10:59 Danny 9:55 Jeremy 9:00 Jackie 8:00 Fred 6:42