Pull Ups-Thrusters and OHS/Front Squat-Deads/CF Kids-Varsity/On-Ramp Begins

Monday Gainz Monday March 7, 2016

CF Kids:Varsity(13-17 years)5:00-6:00pm

On-Ramp Begins:6:00pm

For everyone who participated in 16.2 over the weekend. Remember to submit your score for validation by 7pm CST tonight.

We will not be programming "Jackie" in a daily WOD. For those in the Nutrition Challenge, please find time to get it done by Thursday and submit results to me. Wednesday Open Gym would be a great time to do it. I will need original score and new score. Also I will need all results from Body Comp Test, original and new score from this coming Wednesday.

We have come up with a scoring system which we feel is fair and reasonable and gives everyone an opportunity to get back in the challenge even if attendance scores weren't that great. This will be a great equalizer for all teams should you have good results in your Body comp test and new "Jackie" score. Pt system suggestion % difference .1% -5% 1 5.1%-10% 2 10.1%- 15% 3 15.1%-20% 4 20.1% + 5

WOD EMOMx10: Odd: 6 Pull ups + 6 Thrusters, 95/65/45 Even: 6 Pull ups + 6 OHS, 95/65/45

Skill/Strength: Front Squat 3x10 across add 5# to last week

Deadlift 3x3 climbing TnG

Warm Up: :60 each x2 KB SDHP Push Ups Jumping Lunges Snatch Balance Inch Worms then Hip/Leg Mobility

*JPU= jumping pull up

5:00 Mercedes -Running Glenna 15 Lynne 45/jpu Julia 55/jpu Kate 45/r/7 Meghan 55/r Anne 45/jpu Meaghan Rx Jocelyn 45/b/8 Coffey Rx Ray Rx Matt K. Rx Rich 65 Chuck  16.2 Phil 16.2 Jess D...metcon'ing?!?  Rx..for real, i saw it....

..No seriously. it happened.

6:00 Victor 65 hollyWood Rx Josh Rx Mike Mirin' Rx Dan B. Rx Vinsanity 65 Special K. -Jackie Rx/10:09 Michelle -Jackie b+g/11:24

7:00 Thee People's Coach Rx Joe V. 75 Jose El Chapo 75/9 Shawn Rx Curtis 16.2 Will 65/r/9 Debra -Running Jennay -Jackie Rx/8:57

8:00 Sam 16.2 Bam-Bam 16.2

9:00 Beetle 16.2 John Mc 16.2 Miller Time 95/jpu A-Train Rx Pinche Tim Rx/9 Matt G. Rx Tim M. 65/jpu Damn Daniel 65/9 Ron 75/g/6 Magic Milo Rx Mark 16.2 Christy Rx Sophie Swift 65/jpu/7 Randy 95/45/7

10:00 MKC4 16.2 Christine 65/Mod. Dawn 16.2 Joanna Rx/6 Melissa 45/p+b Rachel L. 45/p+b/7 reed 55/9 Nick 65 Keith 65/jpu Randall 16.2 Fred 16.2

4:00 Jim O. 55/g/jpu Ed Rx Sinker Rx Greg 55/b/5 JB 65 MKR 16.2 Jen 16.2 Adrian Rx/6 Robbie 16.2 Randall Rx Nacho Rx kevin Rx Genelle 55/b Ron 16.2

6:00 Matt RX Tommy 16.2 Dave RX Kevin 95/JPU Ian 75T/45OHS/Banded PU Shawn solo work Jen 45 Tony RX Maria - Jackie 11:42 Marianne 45/Banded PU Rachel 55

7:00 Allie RX Ashley RX Malopy 45T/65OHS Eric RX Andre 75/Banded PU Jcohn 75/Banded PU/Back squats Steve 45/Ring row Donna 35/ Banded PU Kaylie 55/Banded PU Sarah 45/Banded PU